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She was the first one to awaken and to become fully aware of her surroundings after the Creator had left his newborn children behind. Curious, Almea roamed the empty realm of gods and came across the Well of Power. Still unaware of the existence of her brothers and sisters, the well was the only thing to draw her attention, and so she leaned over the edge and looked into it.

At first, there was nothing for her to see except a radiating and pulsating liquid that almost reached all the way up to the edge. Somehow it was still impossible to look away though, and eventually she noticed something moving, something swirling. Mesmerized, Almea kept staring into the well while the beauty inside of it moved her to tears.

When one of her tears dropped into the liquid, Almea could feel the ground underneath her shaking, and within the blink of an eye something shot out of the well. Hovering right above the surface, the Essence of Life stared at her; the first of the Six Essences had chosen its godly link, heralding the beginning of everything.

Almea has always been the voice of reason. While only a sister to the others, having been chosen by the Essence of Life – the mother of all the six Essences – she couldn’t shake the feeling of responsibility, heavily weighing on her almost her entire existence. No one tried harder to keep the Pantheon War from happening, but when it finally did, even Almea lost any hesitation in regards to picking sides and fought for what she believed in.

Her influence throughout the different worlds has always been a kind one. Worshiped as goddess of agriculture, family and hospitality, Almea’s followers come from all walks of life and her sacred animals are sheeps and goats. With the Essence of Life still trapped in the Well of Power it has been a lot more difficult for her to affect the other realms though.

While all of the six gods are needed to keep Life and Death in check, the four gods, linked to the four escaped essences, have it much easier to expand their following and that is exactly what everyone of them is trying to do…