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Once, a long time ago, Ashaks were confined to Atarga, a world that they ruled as the most vicious predator; but when the Humans came — desperate in their attempt to find a new home — things changed. Flocking together, the Ashaks tried to stop the never-ending flood of invaders, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Humans that were ready to make one last stand for their survival.

Their population decimated, many Ashaks managed to flee through the Ether Portals by means unknown to this day and while this might have been a victory for the new rulers of Atarga, the rest of the universe became even more dangerous with these creatures unleashed. Now desperately fighting for their survival themselves, Ashaks started to pop up on many worlds, always leaving a trail of death and despair.

Intelligence is one of the biggest advantages that they have over other creatures and it certainly is one of the reasons Ashaks are such a deadly threat for anyone coming across them. Unfortunately though, as intelligent as they are, it isn’t the only thing they are feared for; Ashaks are incredibly fast and agile, rarely leaving any opportunities for their target to flee, and with their claws being dangerous weapons on their own, it takes a skilled fighter or large numbers to prevent certain death.

Nothing terrifies people more than their way of feeding though. Ashaks are capable of prolonging their own existence by sucking out the life of their prey and they don’t seem to make any distinctions between species; whatever is alive and not able to fight them off, will eventually end up withered and dead. What’s even worse, Ashaks tend to haul their prey to secluded places, draining the bodies for weeks and months until only a barely breathing husk is left, then they leave their prey to die.

In general, Ashaks prefer to hide underground and are a rare sight, usually encountered alone, but they have been seen on many worlds over time, making them an ever-looming danger wherever one is…