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While her eyes weren’t opened yet, she could feel the ground underneath. All of Ferana’s focus was on herself and the many different sensations she experienced at the beginning of her existence. A smile spread across her face as she became aware of herself, became aware of her own body. It felt like an eternity before she accepted the gift of sight, and opened her eyes to scour the realm of gods.

Moving gracefully through the emptiness, Ferana couldn’t stop feeling that something was missing; it was incredible to be alive but that liveliness brought with it a certain longing; a need for someone to share this experience with. As if she had lived through it for eons already, images popped into her mind; images about others sharing this journey with her.

She recognized them immediately, all five of them. Brothers and sisters to her, Ferana knew them inside out, despite not even having met a single one of her siblings so far. Eager to change this, she picked up the speed and began to hurry; drawn into a particular direction by a feeling deep inside of her.

Ferana’s heart began to race when she finally was able to spot something in the distance. It seemed that she’d chosen the right track, and the closer that she got, the more confident she became about having found her companions. Four figures were gathering around what looked like a well, but while she wanted to rush towards her siblings and greet them, it was the well that kept her attention somehow.

Unable to keep her eyes off it, Ferana ignored Almea, Baros, Sisara and Ragon, and leaned over the edge of the well. She had no idea why but somehow she caught herself reaching out in an attempt to touch the liquid inside. Before Ferana was able to do so though, the liquid pulsated heavily and out of it shot a glowing shape; it was the Essence of Matter, and the fifth godly bond had been established.

Her need for belonging had always been both a weakness and a strength for her. No one fights more fiercely for her loved ones, but while Ferana was empowered by the closeness with her siblings, and all the experiences they shared with one another, she also was easily blinded in the past by her desire to remain on the good side of everyone.

Almost all the other gods were surprised when Ferana supported Baros in advocating for freedom and independence in regards to using the magical forces within the Well of Power. Even she couldn’t explain it to herself for a very long time; eventually though, it became obvious to her that all she wanted was to be free of needing others; it was a desire to be in control.

Ferana’s influence on the different worlds had always been one of tough love. Worshiped as goddess of hunt, love and nature, she embraced both the beauty and cruelness of all that mother nature had to offer. Her affiliation with the romantic idea of love though brings her followers from all over; after all, only few dare to take the risk of losing out on love for good…