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The headache was excruciating; Tarmu looked around in a desperate attempt to find shelter but no matter where he turned, there was nothing to find. Blinded by a burning light that attacked him the moment his existence began, he stumbled through the realm of gods. Closing his eyes did him no good as the light penetrated his swollen eyelids without much effort.

Unable to understand the injustice, Tarmu raised his head and cursed the empty skies; what crime could he have committed in his brief existence to deserve this kind of punishment? But it didn’t matter; he begged, he swore and he threatened, and yet the light kept raining down on him like the wrath of the Creator himself.

As he was about to give up, Tarmu noticed that there were nuances to spot when looking directly into the light. While everything around him was lit up, it was obvious that the light was much stronger when gazing into a particular direction. In an act of defiance he decided to affront his tormentor and walked straight into the most painful of directions.

With every step that he took, his head began to pound even more until he was sure that it was going to explode; in that moment, the light disappeared. It took a while for Tarmu’s eyes to adapt to this rapid change but eventually he was able to look around. In front of him stood a group of five, a group he immediately recognized as his brothers and sisters.

None of them said a word, and Tarmu didn’t either. Still enraged by the cruelness he had to endure, he felt drawn to the well right behind his siblings. He couldn’t see it yet but somehow Tarmu realized that the light that had guided him in an unbelievably painful way had been nothing more than the Essence of Light, desperate for him to arrive.

Carefully, he approached the edge of the well and looked inside. He didn’t have to do anything, the Essence already knew about his presence, and so it shot out of the pulsating liquid, hovering right in front of him; the sixth and last godly bound had been established.

No other god was shaped more by the experience of the awakening. It didn’t matter to Tarmu that he misinterpreted the light as a punishment rather than recognizing it earlier as the Essence of Light reaching out in desperation. A sense of justice had been burned deep into his being; under no circumstances would he stand by idly and let someone else suffer the unjustified agony he had to endure.

Worshiped as god of freedom, justice and law, Tarmu’s influence on the different worlds had always been a rigorous one; victims needed protection, criminals punishment. What could have been a just and benevolent approach got tainted by Tarmu’s need for strict and fair rules; a fairness that he was the one to define, leaving him with followers from everywhere; some out of pure devotion, some merely to ensure they don’t get on the bad side of a god that isn’t above playing judge and executioner at the same time…