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The Story of Origin

At the dawn of time there was nothing but emptiness until out of nowhere the Creator appeared and banished the infinite darkness. Shaped with parts of his own body, he gave life to the Pantheon of Gods and gifted them the Well of Power, but before the gods even became aware of their own existence, the Creator disappeared and was never to be seen again.

Abandoned and confused, the six gods inspected the well and discovered that it was filled with Ethilium, a fluid of magical origin. Within it, the Six Essences swirled around: DarknessLightMatterMind and their parents Life and Death.

Using the powers of the essences, the gods created many worlds together in order to alleviate their loneliness but when it was time to fill these worlds with life, disagreements arose. Created in complete disharmony, the Titans were born and became the first race; a flawed one in the eyes of all the gods.

While AlmeaRagon and Tarmu wanted to restore harmony and continue as a unified pantheon, BarosFerana and Sisara were adamant to use the Well of Power on their own; the bond that once had bound them was broken. In secrecy, four races followed the Titans to the surfaces of the worlds. Ferana gave life to the Naru, Baros to the Gniwers, Sisara to the Rhultak and Almea, Ragon and Tarmu together to the Humans.

The feeling of betrayal, which they all felt, led to the Pantheon War and the gods unleashed the powers of the well upon one another. When victory was near for Almea, Ragon and Tarmu, the other gods — fighting together for their independence — poisoned the well in order to ensure that no one would be able to control the essences anymore if they weren’t allowed to.

But the Well of Power got damaged in the process, causing a tear between the realm of gods and their creations. Corrupted from the war, the essences of Darkness, Light, Matter and Mind escaped the damaged well and fled through the tear which resulted in the creation of the Ether Realm. Busy, keeping Life and Death in check, the gods were unable to follow and eventually had to realize that the only thing that could protect their creations now was a truce, and so the Pantheon War ended.

The six gods, now unified again, gave life to the Dhari. They handed them magical sockets to imprison the escaped essences and placed Ether Portals all throughout the universe, so the Dhari could hunt the essences on whatever world they fled to. Hundreds of years passed with the weakened gods struggling to keep Life and Death contained in the well while they placed their hope in the last of their creations.

Eventually, the Dhari were successful in capturing Darkness, Light, Matter as well as Mind and guarded them for thousands of years in a secret location; but one-hundred years ago, the Long Night came over all known worlds at the same time. For weeks it was dark and when the light finally came back, all the Dhari were gone; in their absence, horrifying monsters emerged everywhere.

Without the protection of the Dhari and their powers many worlds were overrun and access to the Ether Portals lost, but after years of despair, hope arose out of nowhere. Whether blessed or cursed — a question that caused many deaths itself — some individuals, born during the Long Night, began to develop magical abilities, and suddenly, even limited access to the Ether Portals could be restored.

About eighty years have passed since this glimpse of hope, but the peaceful times of what today is known as the Ages of the Dhari could not be restored. Instead, the universe has become a cruel and dangerous place with many worlds left to nothing but a daily struggle for survival…