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The event ended on 2022-07-06 05:00:00

Illuvium Live Coaching

Starts on: 2022-07-06 04:00:00

Ends on: 2022-07-06 05:00:00

Event Description

🧑‍🎓 Learning is The Best Way to Earn Higher Rewards 🧑‍🎓

Polemos University is right around the corner, and the launch will change the landscape of GameFi forever 🎆

In the meantime, our trainers started getting their feet wet with other custom interactions with our community, such as live coaching sessions.

Illuvium Live Coaching will happen the 6th of July @ 04:00 UTC on our Discord ( The lead Illuvium Expert for Polemos, Caveman, will show you around the game and teach you the best tricks to succeed!

Don't miss it! Learning how to play Illuvium just before the launch is the best way to not get caught off-guard when we start onboarding scholars 🚀🏆

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