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The event ended on February 9, 2022 17:00

Polemos X MonkeyLeague AMA

Starts: February 9, 2022 16:00 / Ends: February 9, 2022 17:00

Polemos X MonkeyLeague AMA

Events Description

Polemos is excited to announce our partnership with MonkeyLeague. Bringing a popular sports game into the Play-to-Earn space in style, MonkeyLeague is breaking onto the scene as one of the most promising Solana blockchain offerings. This tactical turn-based soccer game offers in-depth features that will provide action-packed gameplay that is lacking in the blockchain gaming space.

To kick off our partnership, we’re giving away a total of 10 Monkey NFTs!! During our NFT Giveaway week, react in the Polemos Discord #giveaways channel for the chance to win a monkey of your own. We will give away one Monkey a day from Feb 2nd to Feb 7th, as well as a final grand prize giveaway of 4 Monkeys (a complete team!) on Feb 8th, 2022!

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