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Introduction to Polemos University

Introduction to Polemos University

Polemos aims to fill the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain gaming by providing state-of-the-art technology to educate our scholars and interested gamers in a fast and innovative way.

The University will provide students with meticulously selected game choices and courses.

Polemos University is an educational hub focused on guiding members through the blockchain gaming metaverse. Through focused lessons, our course creators will keep you safe in the cryptosphere and enhance your Play to Earn career. Specializing in content-rich, immersive courses, you will be given all of the information and tools needed to be successful in forging your new destiny.

How to Join Polemos University

All Polemos members will be able to log in through web3 wallets that have proof of ownership of one of Polemos’ NFT assets (e.g., your role as a Hoplite). We will provide all of the basic tools needed to begin building a successful career in Play to Earn gaming.

Students will begin with an introductory course to Polemos. This overview will give you a better idea of what Polemos is truly about, as well as how we can mutually benefit and simultaneously grow the metaverse.

Doing this will grant access to courses, content, and opportunities to explore all that Play to Earn gaming has to offer. These courses will cover everything from the very basics of blockchain and Play to Earn gaming, crypto security, asset strategies, to in-game optimization. There is no obligation, and users will only be limited by their own motivation and flexibility.

Polemos Honor System

We want to show you how much we appreciate your constant commitment to making our community better — that’s why we built our Honor System. The Honor System is our way of giving back to the community. Not only do we offer rewards and financial gains, but also an extensive set of features specifically aimed at helping our players improve their gaming prowess.

The Honor System will grant you access to articles on gameplay improvements, meta analysis, premium content, and access to a network of talented gamers and coaches ready to help you out.


This title is given to those who are unable to handle fees and in-game costs associated with Play to Earn games. For these scholars, assets are lent under contract as an opportunity to level up to a full membership.


Successful applicants who are not under scholarship.


Achieved through earning enough honor as a Hoplite.

Battalion Leader

Achieved through earning enough honor as a Captain.


Achieved through earning enough honor as a Battalion Leader.


Achieved through earning enough honor as a Colonel.

The Honor System unlocks additional educational content inside of the Polemos University and is also tied directly into the payout of bonus yield from the Partner Games Vault. For example, our top-level (Brigadier) will receive a 25% in-game yield bonus, whereas Novices will not receive any bonus. Read more in the Polemos Whitepaper.

The Honor System will also be reflected in our Discord server — beginning with Hoplites — and will give special access to channels and private groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GameFi?

GameFi is the blend of gaming and finance in the blockchain space—sometimes referred to as web3 gaming. GameFi allows players to earn money from their favorite games and introduces a full economy inside each ecosystem.

Through GameFi, players can earn money by playing games and/or owning assets, which they can then resell on an open market. All assets in GameFi are NFTs. This allows players to move from one game to the other without losing money (since they can resell their “used” assets) and/or rent them for a profit.

I can’t afford to play these games. Are there any options for me?

Yes! Because Polemos provides such an expansive network, there are many opportunities in the Play to Earn space that don’t require any capital. Not only are there Free to Play blockchain games with some earning potential, but there will be scholarship opportunities after successful completion of specific University courses.

What are the benefits of engaging with Polemos?

You dictate your path within the Polemos ecosystem. We will offer more ways to engage with a platform than ever before. If you are determined to succeed, Polemos can help you do exactly that. Whether you are looking for an education, DAO governance, asset lending opportunities or the best community in Play to Earn gaming — everything can be found in this one vast community of passionate gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Do I need prior gaming experience to be successful?

No. We will offer you all the resources and information you need to hit the ground running with Play to Earn games. Some games are better fits than others; risk must be evaluated on an individual basis.

Is Crypto Safe?

Your assets, tokens, account information, and everything else you do online runs the potential risk of being attacked. The best way to protect yourself is through education and preparation. Before you sign up and subscribe to every enticing offer you see in the crypto space, make sure you have watched the videos to protect your private information and learn how to avoid scams that compromise your finances and/or identity.

What is KYC?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. KYC standards are designed to protect institutions against fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing. KYC involves several steps to establish customer identity.

What is the Application for?

Polemos uses your application to determine many things beyond the scope of the individual applicant. All information collected is strictly for internal use and will never be sold, distributed, or used externally without proper notice and consent. Information gathered is profoundly beneficial to optimizing Polemos’ infrastructure and member’s experience.