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3D Animator

Full TimeRemote | Experience: 2 +

Polemos is looking for a 3D Animator to drive the creation of high-quality animations geared towards cinematics, cutscenes and gameplay usage. This position reports directly to the Art Director and works closely with other creative team members such as the 3D Character Artist, 3D Modeler and Game Writer.


  • Create high-quality character animations for high-end, real-time content throughout their production cycle
  • Animate realistic and stylized characters and creatures for VFX and full CG projects (including facial animation)
  • Create high-quality rigs and animations for in game models, cutscenes and cinematics
  • Collaborate with the development team to ensure your work is aligned with the creative and technical direction of the project
  • Maintain ownership of your work from conception to integration into the engine
  • Share knowledge and assist all members of the team to reach the best possible outcomes
  • Support the Art Director in planning and managing your workload to meet project milestones

Skills & Qualifications

  • 2+ years experience as a 3D Animator on real-time projects with a strong understanding of rigging, skinning, keyframe animation, motion capturing and procedural animation
  • Working knowledge of Maya, Motion Builder, 3DSMAX, and/or other commercial 3D authoring packages
  • Ability to handle Previz, Layout and Camera work
  • Know node-graph based animation systems and character rigging fundamentals
  • Ability to creatively interpret and apply reference when no direct reference is available, this also include the ability to film yourself acting to pitch the animation to the team and 2d sketch the key poses (can just be stick figures)
  • Extraordinary skill in animating the human bipedal figures as well as other organic forms
  • Strong knowledge of traditional animation principles and how they can be used to enhance the experience of the viewer
  • Extremely keen eye for motion, weight, timing and step animation
  • Understanding of animation pipelines from conceptual phase to deployment
  • Being able to work with a complex animation system and complex animation state machines
  • Able to keep content within the current projects art style and work within those limitations
  • Understand typical workflows and tools in animation production with the ability to modify and improve them
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with emphasis on forward-thinking and proactivity
  • Good hand-key animation skills for both human and creatures
  • Excellent communication skills, proactivity and ability to work well within a small team
  • Ability to receive and apply critique on your work and complete tasks by the assigned due dates

Bonus Qualifications

  • Significant experience with or knowledge of DeFi or GameFi


This is a 100% remote position. We are determined to recruit people from all over the world in order to ensure we’re building the best team possible.

About Polemos

Polemos’ overarching vision is to improve employment and education throughout the world by developing a global GameFi platform that builds investment and wealth in NFT games and other relevant blockchain technologies. A large focus in that regard will be on esports and competitive play in general. The mission is to become one of the world’s leading decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), onboarding as many people as possible into the Metaverse, and bringing tens of millions of global digital Asset Providers and Gamers together inside a unified GameFi ecosystem.