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About Partner

Adventure, riches, and danger await on the other side—muster the bravery to
bust through. Kryxivia is the newest blockchain fantasy MMORPG to grace the
GameFi Metaverse.

Based on a PVE system, you can farm with your crypto-friends to upgrade your
character and drop NFT Kryxit, spells or items in dungeon fights, therefore, giving
you the possibility to trade them for better ones!

Inside“Kryxivia, you will find a new and blooming city with all your needs to join
into the fight and try to take Kryxits from the mine!


Polemos Involvement

Polemos partners with the talented Kryxivia team to expand the possibilities within GameFi! Join us as we support this exciting new game and show the world what a real MMORPG with play to own possibilities looks like.

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