ABOUT Legends of Venari

Enter Caerras, the world of Legends of Venari, where you will be able to catch, train, and trade powerful Venari along your adventures. Attract Venari, use rigs to catch them, gain gold and level up in order to travel through the world of Caerras. As users progress and catch more Venari, they will be able to purchase stronger baits and rigs in order to catch the rarest Venari. Legends of Venari is a game that will be built for the community, and by the community.



Taking the community-first approach, Polemos is working closely with the LoV team on development, market strategy, community support and content creation. The initial round of passes donated will turn into hundreds of scholarship opportunities as they are on a timed/activity release. Look for Polemos to get deeper into Caerras as they build in real time.