ABOUT Shrapnel

The team behind Shrapnel aims to create a game that gives true ownership to players using crypto and rewards those who contribute to their ecosystem. You’ll be able to make your custom skins, vanity items, map assets, and even maps, which can be minted to give you ownership. In the main game, you’ll be able to fight over resources, craft high-tier gear, and destroy your enemies in this AAA FPS extraction-based masterpiece.



Polemos is a proud partner of Shrapnel. There will be many opportunities for Polemos to get heavily involved through learning the mechanics of Shrapnel's gameplay, professional-level breakdowns of how to be the best you can be at the game, and how to contribute to the game's ecosystem through content creation and curation. Polemos invested in Shrapnel by obtaining a T4 Headquarter, a Periphery Land, plus gear and crafting materials split up across 5 tiers.