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About Tryhards

TryHards is an NFT shooting metaverse driven by the community - for the community. The metaverse is a network of always-on virtual environments in which many people can interact with one another and digital objects while operating virtual representations, or avatars, of themselves. Metaverse is a portmanteau of meta, meaning transcendent, and verse, from universe. The game is a MOBA-inspired shooter where anyone can earn $TRY tokens through skill and their contribution to the platform by for example providing liquidity and stake their tokens.

Gamers can collect and train their Fanatics (Champions) and weapons in order to
make tactical decisions while they battle for honor in the arena on Planet X.

Combining the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting
shooting metaverse.


Polemos Involvement

Polemos is excited to welcome Tryhards into the metaverse by shaking hands and promoting their innovative game to our community! This is a lucrative move for us, as this game will be an exciting introduction of traditional game styles into blockchain gaming.

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