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Welcome to the First Polemos PB2 Tournament!

This is the competition to find the best Illuvium PB2 player!
Who will take home The Polemos PB2 Cup and a Tier 1 Land + $100 USD prize?

Register by Friday, October 7th to enter Polemos' Illuvium PB2 tournament. The qualification will run for four days. 
Day 1 of the tournament will start at 00:00 UTC on Saturday, October 15th | Day 2 will begin at 00:00 UTC on Sunday, October 16th

Registration will open on Tuesday, October 4th. You will need to fill out you information in the form to register for our tournament.
▸You must have Private Beta Access by the end of the registration.
▸You must stream your live gameplay and in-game audio on Twitch during the tournament. Please do not include voice audio in your stream. And though it's welcomed, you are not required to share your camera on your stream.
▸You must attend one test stream setup session on October 14th that will be held in the Polemos Discord #Tournament Voice Channel to ensure you're ready for the tournament. We can help you set up Streamlabs (free software) if this is your first time streaming. Select a time slot within your registration form to be added to a session.
NOTE: It is acceptable if your internet/CPU power lags your stream. However, an alternative will take your spot if it is determined to be unwatchable during the test stream.
NOTE: If you can not attend these times, reach out to Caveman | Polemos#0001 to determine other ways to verify your ability to stream gameplay.
Starting October 9th at 00:00 UTC, players will have until deck reset at 23:59 UTC to reach the Top 4 spots of the official Illuvium leaderboard. After that, 5th and 6th place will be placed on an alternative player list.

In the following qualification days, the same process will be used to determine those who will move forward to Day 1 of the tournament. If the Top 6 players have already been accepted, we will continue down the leaderboard until a registered contestant is selected, or an alternate from the previous day will be chosen.

In the rare case that none of the players on the Top 20 leaderboard are registered for the tournament, we will raffle spots to the rest of our applicants as a wildcard entry. A total of 16 players will be selected over four days (with eight substitutes/alternatives).

Since there is no way for us to know about bug abuse, teaming up, screenshots, or other advantages that may be deemed cheating, the official selection will happen purely from leaderboard placement. Therefore, you must play to maximize your position and qualify!

For the four days of qualification, a screenshot will be taken at 23:59 UTC of the Top 20 leaderboard to determine our 16 contestants.
Disclaimer: The Tournament Rules and Structure are subject to change until October 9th. This is to address any issues that arise that would compromise the entire tournament and ruin the competitive integrity of the competition. The Beta just came out, and we are still assessing any potential game-breaking issues.
The tournament will be conducted over two days two provide players with two different decks/wave structures to showcase the player's competitive skills and determine who is consistent at reaching higher waves of Illuvium survival mode.

Players will need to unlock the Tournament channels. You can unlock them by going to the #tournament-info channel and clicking the button.

The contestants and alternatives will arrive for a stream check in the Polemos Discord's Tournament VC (Voice Channel) at 23:00 UTC on October 14th. If you do not arrive by 23:15 UTC, an alternative will replace you in the tournament.

Players will have streams set up and ready by 23:30 UTC on tournament days. If the player wants a private voice room, it will be set up during the stream test session.
NOTE: It's challenging to prevent cheating from coaches or other support, so you may request access for others to be in your room. They may consult you; however, we will have officials checking all rooms. If it is clear that you are being told exact information from parallel play, you will be disqualified on the spot and will not be allowed into future tournaments.
DAY 1 Battle Royal - October 15th at 00:00 UTC
Round 1: 16 players will attempt survival mode. The Top 8 players will move forward to the 2nd round.
Round 2: The Top 8 players will then play a second attempt, and then the Top 4 players will move forward to Day 2.
NOTE: An attempt is defined as a full playthrough using up all of the checkpoints. A run is defined as a playthrough until wave loss.
NOTE: Unfortunately, there is no way to differentiate between a crash and force closing of the program. Therefore if a crash occurs before your first checkpoint, you will have one more run - run, not attempt. If you have already reached a checkpoint, that will be taken as your score instead.
Promptly at deck reset, contestants will press play in competitive mode. They will have a maximum of 2 hours, or until they have completed up to one full attempt, to reach their highest wave count. Tie breakers will go:
1. Most illuvials killed
2. Shortest planning time
3. Most mastery points remaining
NOTE: If you die before the first checkpoint (Wave 6), that will be your final score. You will most likely be eliminated, so tread carefully.
NOTE: When you lose a run, notify a tournament official to take a screenshot of your run.
You can decide to stop your attempt at any point. When you reach out to a tournament official for a screenshot, request that they take this score as your official placement and ensure a screenshot has been secured. You must do this before 1 minute has passed on your death timer; otherwise, you will have to continue regardless. You will then wait on the screen until the conclusion of the first round.
Once all 16 players have concluded their attempt, there will be a short break. During this time, all players will leave their screen on the death screen until told to do otherwise.

The Top 8 players will be notified they have advanced to round two. The tournament official will then announce when it is time to start the second attempt in the same way as round 1. The Top 4 players move forward to Day 2.
DAY 2 Elimination - October 16th at 00:00 UTC
The four players who successfully made it to the finals will arrive at 
23:00 UTC on October 15th.

Day two is an elimination day - players will have earned a placement 1-4 based on their furthest wave of Day 1 (Round 1 or Round 2).

The player who holds 1st place will only be competing for the highest wave with the 4th place player. Same with 2nd place and 3rd place players; they will only be competing with each other.

This provides the potential advantage to #1 for doing well on Day 1. They may feel more comfortable beating just the #4 player and may greed for interest in the earlier waves to prepare for the championship round. But they may also get knocked out for greeding too hard. Players #2 and #3 should have a very close, challenging battle.

The two players who achieve the highest wave in their respective pairs will move forward to the championship round, where these two players will play a final attempt to see who will claim the Polemos PB2 Cup!
1st place: 1 Tier Land and $100 USD
2nd place: $300 USD
3rd place: $200 USD
4th place: $100 USD
Bounty: $100 USD
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I see the bracket?
A: The bracket will be shown throughout the Polemos Twitch Stream.

Tournament Rules:

Rule 1 - General Rules: All of our Discord Rules found in the #rules channel, will apply for the tournament.

Rule 2 - You must have access to PB2 prior to the end of registration.

Rule 3 - No show: If a player is not ready within 15 min of the start of the stream check in, the player will be replaced in the tournament by an alternate.

Rule 4 - You must keep an eye out for emails from Polemos in regards to tournament details. 

Rule 5 - Name Change: Do not change your Discord or in-game name after registration.

All decisions regarding the interpretation of the rules and penalties are at the sole discretion of Polemos.
Tournament Hosted by Polemos


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For questions, reach out to Caveman | Polemos#0001 on Discord.