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The divine embodiment of war is limitless, some might say — it’s Apeiron.
What does this mean?
It means Polemos and Apeiron are officially partners!

Apeiron is the first of its kind, boasting itself as the one, the only Godgame title in the NFT Metaverse. Revel in the blending of all your favorite features from the Rougelike and action RPG genres — Godiverse style.

You’ll be seeing stars…and planets, and relics, oh my! Polemos sees divine opportunity in this Godgame and has purchased a number of Apeiron’s assets — we might even have one for you!

Polemos Presents: Apeiron NFT Giveaway

Win one of three Apeiron NFTs with the Polemos Giveaway!

From May 2nd to May 8th, Polemos is celebrating our partnership with Apeiron with a new NFT Giveaway!

3 lucky individuals will win an Apeiron Apostle! The Origin Series Collection is an exclusive list made up of the first-ever Dood Apostles — and YOU could be a winner!

Visit the Polemos Discord for details on how to enter:

Polemos X Aperion Partnership

Aperion X Polemos: A New Partnership Shoots for the Stars

From all of us at Polemos, we see infinite possibilities for our partnership with Apeiron. Our Head of Games says, “Apeiron is a unique entry in a field of its own. Multidimensional, multi-genre game in development for over 6 years by a passionate team of hardcore gamers with an extensive history. Gamers of all types will find a truly strategic, experimental and competitive offering that results in addictive fun. The most successful guilds will manage the vast number of different elements and play styles seamlessly in order to obtain celestial dominance. The team, the community, and the dynamics of a thoroughly explored business model prove this is a complete package that is ready to deliver. Apeiron is here to stay and we’ve literally put ourselves on the map for the long haul.”

Both Apeiron and Polemos anticipate sunny skies ahead for this collaboration. Both teams’ are dedicated to an immersive web3 experience for the good of the games, the guilds, and the communities.

From Apeiron’s CEO, Frank Cheng, “I met Polemos via their guild members, who discovered our game early on. Impressed by the nous of their talented community, I was immediately intrigued, and when I finally met with their leadership, I began to understand the “Polemos difference”. It’s not just their extensive training regimes or their dastardly high requirements for partnerships. The spirit and essence of Polemos is exuded from top to bottom: the quality of the questions, the content of discussions, they’re all of a different caliber. And that’s when I knew I had to get these crazily competitive gamers into the godiverse to spice things up!”

Meet the Doods, Protect the Doods!

Cute. Industrious. Mischievous.

All the Doods want to do is have a little fun, live life…and get into some trouble. As a God, the divine duty to protect these chubby hedonists weighs heavy on your massive shoulders.

But don’t be too nice, if these little creatures get out of line, you hurl a fireball down onto their mortal civilization and remind them who’s REALLY in charge.

In fact, you don’t have to be nice at all. Pick a side — good or evil — or land somewhere in the middle. The type of God you choose to become will be mirrored in the planet’s ecological and social landscape.

Apeiron Tokenomics

Earn. Transform. Make choices meaningful to you.

Apeiron is paving the NFT future with its revolutionary tri-token system.

Stake your claim in the future of Apeiron with its governance token, Apeiros. Holders have the privilege of proposing and initiating voting processes. The future of the game truly resides in your hands!

When you play to earn in Apeiron, you win Anima. These highly-liquid tokens are exchangeable in the marketplace.

Transform the blood, sweat, and tears you put into battle into Ringularity — Apeiron’s premium alliance token. These tokens can be acquired in late game, GvG, and GvE and are used to cash in on exclusive rewards you won’t want to do without!

Value that Lasts

What you make, you keep. Use them in-game, trade them, sell them, or use them throughout the vast NFT metaverse — the choice is yours!

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