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Polemos Announces Partnership With The Harvest - Outstanding AAA MOBA Shooter


As our presence in the GameFi Metaverse soars, so does our list of talented partners. Polemos is thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with The Harvest Game!

Play and earn games are really leveling up with this high-octane, class-based, hero shooter. The Harvest combines crypto rewards with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) mechanics to make this an addicting and potentially lucrative blockchain gaming experience.

Gameplay Uniquely Yours

The Harvest team is passionate about delivering a gameplay experience that is truly up to the player to create. Choose your civilization, your hero, and your cards. In The Harvest, cards work differently than you might expect — they serve as different skills, so make choices that coincide with your play style and choose abilities accordingly.

Play AND Earn

Battle it out in PvP matches to win land and $HAR, the crypto token of The Harvest Metaverse. Then, use your hard-earned $HAR to invest in the game with NFTs or exchange it for cash!

Become Unstoppable

The more NFTs you collect, the more formidable you become in battle. Make your opponents cower in fear as you build your arsenal of ability cards, companion cards, calling cards, and skins. Ability cards, calling cards, and skins will shape your style, both in skill and appearance. Companion cards offer players a helping hand with battle buddies to fight alongside them, stepping up to the plate to ensure victory.

The Harvest Game Card

The Harvest Tokenomics

Invest in the future of The Harvest ecosystem with their two fungible tokens — $HAR and $EOL. $HAR is the main governance token that is earned through leveling up throughout the game and from special rewards. $EOL (Essence of Life) tokens can also be earned through the level-up system or daily rewards. Players have the opportunity to receive a limited amount of free $EOL every day that they participate in the game.

Graph of The Harvest Tokenomics

Acquire Land to Build Your Empire

Transform your existence in The Harvest from lowly Colon to all-powerful Emperor through land acquisition. Different planets offer different land to supercharge your in-game experience. Build extractors to improve your $EOL earning power, factories to boost your level-up results (and chances to win the ultra-valuable shiny cards!)​​, markets to reduce fees and highlight your NFTs in the marketplace, and banks to stack your crypto and earn APY. Just like Monopoly, the more you earn and the more you build, the more of a force to be reckoned with you become!

Map of The Harvest

The Harvest Roadmap is a Hero’s Journey

This project already has so much to be proud of and the road ahead appears to shine brighter and brighter. Polemos could not be more excited to watch this partnership blossom to its full potential!

The Harvest Roadmap

The future of your hero is yours. Take it and battle on.