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Polemos Partners with Civitas, the First Community-Owned Strategy MMO

Polemos partners with Civitas

Polemos proudly announces our partnership with the world’s first community-driven Play and Earn 4X strategy game — Civitas!

With all of the excitement happening this week, we want to highlight that each of our events will allow our joined communities to register for our giveaway to win 30 exclusive whitelist spots for Civitas’ pre-mint! If you’re interested, join the WL raffle here! We’ll be sharing a link for the next set of10 whitelist spots on Discord and Twitter, but be sure to engage in our community events this week for the ability to win the additional ten spots!

To receive your first entry in our community engagement pool, join our Polemos X Civitas AMA on Wednesday, September 28th at 16:00 UTC!

What is Civitas?

Civitas is a 4x MMO cross-platform (PC, Mobile, Web) civilization simulator that allows anyone to build an entire virtual civilization from the ground up. Play as a civilian to create the best society with a community of players with visions just like you. With every decision, your actions impact the future of your city, your community, and your virtual life.

It doesn’t just stop there; this game is an open-world concept with endless creative outcomes! Bring Civitas with you on real-life VR adventures to collect resources, play mini-games, and discover lost treasures filled with NFTs and CITI tokens around your geographic location.

Community-Owned and Operated

Immerse yourself in Civitas, a Web3 Universe & community-building game. Only accessible by its citizens, each city is built by its members within the city’s subDAO. Enter a city in Civitas, and visit the central “tower of influence” to gain vital information about this unknown land.

Once you have become one with the community, you must work together with other members to forge buildings, accumulate power, and journey to different eras.

There are three main elements to gameplay in Civitas: build, explore, and earn.

Build in Civitas

Gather resources and build using the land. Building allows you to customize a plot of land that is your own. It’s rumored that owning land in a particular city allows you access to city-specific subDAOs. From fishing huts to skyscrapers and beyond, you customize every bit of your land, drawing the attention of the world right to your doorstep.

Explore Civitas

Explore the world of Civitas in Augmented Reality. Out here, you can find exciting mini-games that you can play alone or with friends, win prizes and find lost treasures filled with rare resources.

Earn in Civitas

Earn tokens and power. The CITI token is the Governance and Utility token for Civitas. Owners of CITI can participate in setting the direction of Civitas and utilize their power and influence to advance their ambitions. Gain a seat at the table, and let your voice be heard.

Civitas Tokenomics

Stake Your Claim

Civitas land owners can stake CITI tokens in their lands and gain rewards. The staking rewards from each city’s subDAO will differ and are dependent on agreements made by the council and all citizens. In addition to individual staking of lands, the subDAO of each city will be able to stake within the city.

Backed by the Ethereum blockchain ERC20, CITI tokens provide utility in the game, are used for governance in the DAO, and serve as currency in-game.

Level up and gain additional rewards. Harvesting passive resources, venturing out on quests, exploring Augmented Reality and other tasks allow players to earn extra in-game rewards. This means earning CITI tokens and NFTs, adding further value to the player and city Treasury.

Why Civitas?

Built by Pioneers for Pioneers

The Civitas team consists of talented industry professionals who’ve contributed to some of the most iconic franchises over the past 20+ years. Since 2014, this group of AAA studio veterans, fascinated by technology that facilitates online universe adoption, have come together to develop a proprietary backend tech stack that transcends digital boundaries and creates large persistent online universes.

Polemos X Civitas

Not only are our Co-Founders bullish about this project, but the Polemos community is too! The Civitas team is transparent and hard at work on building out the perfect Web3 game. The team held a two-hour AMA with their community to discuss the game design and mechanics!

Civitas Mint Exclusive

The Chosen of Civitas

Civitas is preparing to release its second set collection: The Chosen. Ready for mint on October 4th, Zola is being introduced following the Ninşiku (which includes rare Shaman and the even rarer Enlightened). There will be two versions of Zola, each equally as rare as the other, but neither will be quite as rare as the Enlightened.

Along with the announcement of their mint, Civitas has released information about additional benefits for partaking in this mint:

Any wallet that holds a Shaman before and during Dutch Action and successfully bids during the event will be airdropped a limited edition building in the future.

Of the first 25 mint wallets, 1 will be drawn to win a trip to Iceland and hang out with the dev team.

One lucky minter will work with our Art Director and design a future character NFT for Civitas.

During all stages, the first 250 mint wallets enter a draw to win 1 of 10 free airdropped Ninşiku NFTs.

25 randomly selected mint wallets can claim a physical Citizen Token.

Of the first 1500 mint wallets during all stages, 100 will be randomly selected to win a free mint for land.

100 randomly selected mint wallets will receive a Civitas swag bag, including the Civitas Art Book.

During Dutch Auction, all wallets minting above 1.5 ETH will receive a signed physical edition of “Civitas Character Collection Catalog Vol. 1” and a physical citizen token!

150 randomly selected mint wallets will receive a limited edition building on their land.

Enter Civitas

October 4th, Civitas will hold a 48-hour Dutch Auction, followed by a 24-hour Whitelist period, concluding with a 24-hour public sale if any characters remain.

Enter for a chance at getting one of ten WL spots here:

A price of 4ETH will begin the 48-hour Dutch Auction, which decays rapidly in the first hours and ends once it reaches the resting price (0.3 ETH) or sells out — whichever comes first.

Through raffles, Civitas has provided their partners, collaborators, and communities with whitelist availability, allowing them to mint 1 per wallet at 0.25 ETH.

You can read more about the auction details on their website:

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