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Polemos Partners with Illuvium, AAA Collectable RPG & Autobattler Game

polemos and illuvium partnership

Illuvium joins us on our ascension to the pinnacle of GameFi with their graphically rich, first-of-its-kind AAA Autobattler on the Ethereum blockchain. So get ready for PC and Mac gamers everywhere to be logging serious hours on this Collector RPG masterpiece.

That’s right — it is finally official — Polemos is beyond elated to announce our partnership with Illuvium!

Polemos Involvement

Polemos has been heavily involved in Illuvium over the years, with both Sascha Zehe (Executive at Polemos) and Jeff Marthers (Operations at Polemos) being former Illuvium Lead Moderators and two-time Council Members. With these connections and two of our Core Contributors as current Lead Moderators, Polemos will have vast insights and deep relationships to guide our members and esports champions to heightened success through curated services that optimize strategy and efficiency. Together, Polemos and Illuvium will put GameFi light-years ahead of traditional gaming experiences.

Our involvement with the Illuvium game series includes owning multiple lands and holding numerous Polemos-branded Illuvium Cosplay Stabbin NFTs. Rest assured that we also plan to invest in other game assets.

In collaboration with AsianLogic, Polemos will launch day one of Illuvium with three networks of players: a large integrated network of players drawn from the global Asian Logic workforce, a community led network of players sourced through Discord and its recruitment programs, and a team of elite gamers drawn from some of the world’s largest and most respected titles.

Illuvium will be a key player in the upcoming Polemos ecosystem. Our University will contain a large number of courses that cater to teaching the community about the Illuvium. Look for polished content as you battle in multiple arena modes, quest to find Illuvials, or hone your crafting mastery. We will also provide Scholarship opportunities to our members, along with staking and renting possibilities within our Armory.

In a prior press release, many key investors spoke highly of Polemos’ integration with Illuvium:

Polemos partnering with a group the size of Asian Logic impacts the entire blockchain gaming industry, not just Illuvium. Players worldwide are starting to demand custody of their assets. Illuvium gives players that ownership experience as a decentralised NFT game while at the same time delivering the AAA-quality engaging gameplay that hardcore gamers crave. […] Polemos will help players enter the Metaverse by assisting with capital and onboarding requirements. Meeting the needs of play-to-earn gamers is critical for sparking a mass mainstream adoption of crypto gaming.

– Kieran Warwick, Co-Founder of Illuvium

Having been in online gaming as long as we have, we have been waiting for the right opportunity to enter the play-to-earn blockchain and esports sectors. Having reviewed the sophistication the Illuvium team is bringing to the game, we feel this is the perfect opportunity to focus on and dedicate experience and existing resources. TSN is also moving rapidly into significantly expanding its esports content alongside its 100 years + coverage of traditional US sports and looks forward to covering the progress of Illuvium.

– Tom Hall, Founder of AsianLogic, former CEO of UK listed global online casino giant, Playtech and current CEO of The Sporting News (“TSN”)

Crypto gaming has really come to the forefront over the past year as genuine in-game asset ownership has enabled new dynamics like play-to-earn. Player run DAOs […] are a natural product of this new environment and we’re extremely excited to partner with Polemos as they begin their journey within the Illuvium ecosystem.

– Yan Liberman, Co-Founder of Delphi Digital

Polemos Advisor

Polemos is honored to officially announce Kieran Warwick, Co-Founder of Illuvium, as a trusted advisor!

A serial entrepreneur in a variety of spaces, from food delivery apps to penny stocks, Kieran is a seasoned savant of technology and finance. Once Kieran shifted focus to DeFi, he started the world’s first OTC cryptocurrency exchange, paving the way for his success with Illuvium and the GameFi industry as a whole. Polemos is thrilled to see what heights we can reach together as we grow our platform and expand the Metaverse.

What is Illuvium

Explore. Battle. Collect.

Traverse the seven unique alien lands to collect formidable creatures known as Illuvials and uncover the truth about Illuvium’s destruction. This Play and Own sci-fi masterpiece immerses the player in a stunning wilderness, brimming with adrenaline-fueled battles, adventure, and over 100 NFTs to make your crew unstoppable.

Play and earn $ILV tokens through completing PvE quests and special achievements, as well as by winning prizes in tournaments, events, and regular gameplay.

Tiger from the Illuvium Game

Earn your way in the Leviathan Arena. Step into the ring yourself and battle it out for glory and NFTs — or wager on the success of other players. Who will prove to be the stronger Ranger on Illuvium? Only one way to find out.

Illuvium - List of Illuvials

Why Illuvium

Illuvium has been a name on everyone’s radar in the Web3 space for quite some time. The vast team behind Illuvium is creating a true AAA title to bring the highest quality and robust gameplay to blockchain gaming. Multiple ways to play will eventually be released in the Illuvium ecosystem, including the upcoming titles: Illuvium Overworld, Illuvium Arena, and Illuvium Zero.

Illuvium - Fight for ETH

With multiple release dates on the horizon, rest assured that this project definitely exceeds expectations surrounding all the hype. With such an incredible team of talent at the helm of this project, Polemos is thrilled to be a part of this mutual growth. Together, the sky’s the limit as we Fight for ETH!

Illuvium Info