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Polemos X Rebel Bots Partnership

Rebel Bots X Polemos Partnerships

Polemos is thrilled to announce our partnership with Rebel Bots!

Game Assets

Polemos has placed a solid bet on Rebel Bots Xoil Wars by procuring 2500 Lands and investing in the current round in preparation for the upcoming game launch. With these 2500 lands come 7500 fighting bots, which will be used collaboratively and competitively throughout the Polemos ecosystem.

Polemos Involvement

“Rebel Bots is an ideal play for Polemos. It allows us to offer a game to our community that is easy to jump right into and understand while also offering a highly competitive and engaging arena system, and it’s sure to be playable this year. We’ve all been waiting for a fun title to play in the blockchain space, and Rebel Bots checks that box along with rich lore and scalability.”

Rebel Bots will be a great title for displaying educational and strategic courses to enrich the gaming experience. Scholars will benefit from land and fighting bot access as well as a massive support network backed by data to promote optimal outcomes. Polemos aims to continue its dominant presence in partner games, and Rebel Bots Xoil Wars is no exception. With a fun and highly addictive PvP mode, expect to see Polemos vying for the lead.

From Grace, Vice President of Community and Marketing, “We are thrilled to welcome Polemos and believe they will be a great addition to Xoil Wars. Their focus on advancing player skills, competitive gameplay and e-sports will help to drive all players to progress and succeed. Our multi-leaderboard system will help motivate their members to compete for higher rankings as individuals, work together to rise to the top of the kingdom leaderboard, and increase their earnings, all while having fun.”

What is Rebel Bots Xoil Wars?

Xoil Wars is the first title in the Rebel Bots universe and will feature a card-based battle game. With a land and a squad of 3 or more battle bots, you can complete quests and battle your way to victory. Your land will be a small piece of a kingdom, of which there are 10,000 or one for every Genesis Rebel Bot, which in-game is a Kingdom Lord. Work together to outproduce your neighbor in a battle for the precious Xoil needed to sustain the robot existence.

To be able to play, you must own or have access to at least one land as well as three fighting bots. Your land will have structures on them, and you will need to utilize your resources wisely to build and upgrade faster than your opponents.

There are five parts on every fighting bot, and each of these is represented by a card that will be used in battle. There are Military, Industrial, and Engineer classes for a rock-paper-scissors effect that will bring skill to the top.

PvP will be the main way to obtain Spark, Parts, and Xoil. With classic League formation, you’ll be sure to be fighting people your own size. This card game semi autobattler has taken some of the best elements of popular games to provide an enjoyable experience.

Why Rebel Bots?

Rebel Bots offers a simple First Time User Experience combined with mind-flexing strategy mechanics, paired with a sound approach to their economy. Providing a fun gameplay experience is what the blockchain gaming community has been craving for some time, and Rebel Bots will accomplish this with their years of experience developing games enjoyed by millions of players. Xoil Wars will yield many opportunities and a fun and simple way to get into the P2E space!

Rebel Bots Info

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