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Polemos Scholarships: Artisan and Apprentice Programs

Polemos Scholarships: Apprentice & Artisan Programs

Polemos strives for Metaverse Adoption by onboarding as many players as possible throughout the world. One major step toward this goal is offering fairscalable, and sustainable solutions for anyone wanting to play and earn money through blockchain games.

Polemos’ Artisan and Apprentice programs provide unique opportunities to join the web3 gaming revolution without investing. We provide assets for our members to play partnered games without the burden of accompanying financial commitments.

Here at Polemos, we are creating a mutually-beneficial system for gamers, investors, and the Polemos DAO alike. Our system will accommodate the professional growth of the community and their participation in the overall Polemos vision.

These programs are prime for individuals new to the web3 gaming movement and are a fantastic strategy for overcoming the problem of escalating NFT prices for games.

Due to the unregulated nature of the market, NFTs can quickly rise to hundreds or thousands of dollars each, rendering games inaccessible for the vast majority of the population worldwide.

Starting in 2021, DAOs and Guilds in the metaverse created a solution — a renting mechanism to provide assets to anyone with the desire to play. However, there are many flaws with the standard structure to this day. That’s why we have created the next generation of Scholarships with our unique Artisan and Apprentice programs.

What is the Polemos Artisan Program?

The Artisan Program allows for ongoing play and will suit farming game modes that require asset portfolios. This program follows a revenue split sharing model that doesn’t have to end if both sides are satisfied.

Each Artisan program will have its own specifications, dependent on the game of choice. Details of the continuous farming model will be made available during the application process where you will choose a game, list your skills, and more.

What is the Polemos Apprentice Program?

The Apprentice Program will suit earn and capture game modes, alongside farming to reach a quota of earning. This type of program follows a leasing model that jumpstarts anyone’s journey in web3! Members of this program are given access to an entire library of assets to play with inside blockchain games.

After a player gets approved and has completed the mandatory courses within Polemos University, they can use the knowledge gained, such as tested techniques and game strategies, to increase their average return and win assets quicker.

Once the required asset credits have been fulfilled through successful gameplay, our Apprentice program can be ended by the player. Any assets that aren’t sold to the DAO for completion credits are then owned by the player and can be transferred to a personal wallet.

Players who exit our program are free to continue our University courses, interact with our Forge, rank up in our Honor System, and profit from our ecosystem. Please note that someone can only participate in one program at a time when the Forge launches.

Join our Discord to stay up-to-date with future releases and information about when our Apprenticeship program la