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Polemos Vision for 2022

Polemos Vision 2022

We know it might be late for new year’s resolutions, but we’d still like to update you on what’s going on and why Polemos should be your bet in Play to Earn gaming for 2022.

Since the start of the year, Polemos has invested time, energy, and money into many new game partnerships, some of which will be revealed in the coming months. We have also expanded our team significantly. In the month of February alone, our small group of skilled team members acquired nine new recruits with a variety of expertise.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in the first months of the new year, and we’re eager to see how Play to Earn evolves from here. This year is especially exciting as Illuvium, and many other AAA-quality titles, will finally reach the market and vie for mass adoption by the end of the year. This alone makes us predict that the industry will transform into Play and Earn — games that are fun 𝘢𝘯𝘥 profitable!

Who is Polemos?

Polemos’ overarching vision is to improve employment and education by developing a global GameFi platform that builds investment and wealth in Play to Earn games and other relevant blockchain technologies. A significant focus will be on esports and competitive play in general.

Our mission is to become one of the world’s leading decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), onboarding as many people as possible into the Metaverse, bringing tens of millions of global digital Asset Providers and Gamers together inside a unified GameFi ecosystem.

At its core, Polemos is founded on solid principles and aims to be the most trustworthy and fair source of news, guides, and engagement in the Play to Earn space.

Joining Polemos means participating in a large-scale mission to change the world of gaming as we know it and revolutionize how players earn an income through their skills and talent.

Meet the Polemos Team

Polemos is aiming to become a leader in the GameFi space. But, of course, this wouldn’t be possible without our elite team of skilled players, admins, analysts, marketers, and creatives.


Next to the fundamental contributions of the other five Co-Founders, now serving our organization as strategic advisors, Polemos wouldn’t exist without the vision, and 100 hour work weeks, of Sascha Zehe, our visionary and entrepreneurial leader.

Sascha has extensive experience as a gamer, with 20+ years of elite gaming experience on his back. Additionally, his managerial skills have been proven time and time again, as a former VP of Product in gaming with responsibility for eighty employees of varying specialties, and a former chairman of a semi-professional sports club with several hundred members.

Polemos’ co-founder and executive brings incredible and unique insights to the table and is a former two-time Council Member and former Lead Moderator for Illuvium, investing energy, time, and money in one of the most promising games coming up in 2022.

Sascha also has a background in programming, making him the perfect Overlord for a DAO focused on bringing tech innovation to the Play to Earn market.

Of course, no leader can go on for long without the help of a strong admin team. In Polemos, Jeff Marthers serves the role of Operations Admin, providing oversight across all tasks the team is engaged in. Without him, the team wouldn’t work as efficiently as it is right now.

Jeff has over eight years of experience in IT as a business intelligence developer with extensive knowledge in data aggregation and vast experience coordinating multiple teams simultaneously; he is well suited for the operations role at Polemos. Additionally, Jeff is also a former two-time Council Member and current Lead Moderator for Illuvium.

Lastly, our platform wouldn’t be what it is without the leadership of our Technology Admin, Richard McLaren.

Richard has over 30 years of experience in data and technology and has worked with huge clients such as Ninemsn (Microsoft and Nine Entertainment). He has consulting experience with big international firms and first-hand experience with cutting-edge machine learning and technological innovations in gaming, finance, and consumer industries. We’re proud to have such an experienced leader in our founding charter.

Along with our Admins, we have a team of external consultants and advisors working with the main team from time to time. You can find the complete list on our Team Page.

Department Leads

Our Department Leads — Bria Fox (Head of Marketing), John Clark (Head of Games), Arturo Rodriguez (Head of Data & Analytics) — support the daily operations of Polemos to make sure it lands on the moon as soon as possible.

The leaders deploy advanced and effective solutions to mitigate risks, catch upcoming opportunities, and coordinate a team of marketers, researchers, and data analysts to advance Polemos’ vision.

Core Contributors

Polemos has a growing team of Core Contributors, helping with all things gaming and Play to Earn.

The primary responsibility of our Contributors is to deliver their best work to enhance and empower the shared vision of Polemos.

We’re proud to say our Core Contributors are all incredibly talented, and we’re honored to have them working for the future of NFT utility, crypto, and blockchain education. Polemos will achieve great results with the help and collaboration of a fair, meritocratic DAO, owned by its contributors as much as the admins.


Boasting over 9,000 members, our Discord server is now a job on its own, and keeping everything in order is no easy feat. That’s where our moderators come in.

Polemos Moderators are highly respected members of our team, and their responsibility is to keep the Discord server spam-free, entertaining, and most importantly, value-packed for new and existing members alike.

What Makes Us Different from Other DAOs

There are plenty of DAOs promising the sky and above to early investors and their friends. So, what makes us different from the others?

First and foremost, our team of skilled and experienced writers, marketers, and creatives are bringing the internal Polemos lore to a new level.

Along with our unique worldbuilding, our future promises the development of avatar collections and blockchain games created around our universe.

Secondly, we’re not a “Guild”; we’re a GameFi platform. Our goal is not to hoard NFT assets, inflate the market, and run away with profits made from our scholars. Our focus is brand loyalty — the only way we believe that’s achieved is by rewarding players to stay active members instead of urging them to stray with an unfair scholarship system.

Up until now, scholars have had two choices: join a guild and earn a small percentage of their income or build their own scholarship, putting other people into a less than desirable position.

In Polemos, all members will benefit from our economy. Our system is structured to reward everyone according to their efforts.

Have you ever seen a “forever student”? Students learn, take exams, pay back their student debt, and then start working. Sometimes, for the University itself.

That’s the model in Polemos. Scholars will learn from our University, take exams, pay back their debt to Polemos, and will then fully own all remaining assets. They can also stake their assets back into Polemos, become $PLMS token holders, and join in on Governance — closing the circle of meritocracy.

No one is left behind, and no one is overlooked. At Polemos, our sole purpose is to give everyone an equal opportunity. All of our moderators, core contributors, scholars, team members, and even visitors, will have access to community prizes, giveaways, and chances to get involved.

Our Strategy to Compete in an Overcrowded Market

Polemos will not only offer scholarships and ways of gaining value from within the ecosystem but also provide additional incentives to become an active part of our vibrant community. One such incentive is the Honor System, which will give access to a tiered ranking system for all Polemos members that engage within the community.

The Honor System unlocks additional educational content inside Polemos University and is also tied directly into the payout of bonus yield from the Partner Games Vault. This means that ranking up the Honor System can provide even more rewards when playing games that Polemos support via a partnership that includes $PLMS as in-game yield:

  • Novice => (0% yield bonus)
  • Hoplite => (5% yield bonus)
  • Captain => (10% yield bonus) — Polemos Front Line Members start here
  • Battalion Leader => (15% yield bonus) — Polemos OG Members start here
  • Colonel => (20% yield bonus)
  • Brigadier => (25% yield bonus)

Our University will also provide gamers with extensive knowledge about all partnered games and institute lessons, exams, and player dashboards to help everyone make the most out of their Play to Earn experience.

With roots in the esports industry, our Admins ensure the Polemos name will be recognizable within the rising blockchain esports space. We will establish teams of experienced players, sponsor tournaments, and create competitive leagues of our own to represent us.

Combining strategic platform gamification, via badges and the honor system, with a deep knowledge of the esports market and its needs is how we will lead the competition in 2022 and beyond.

With the right resources and support, we believe that everyone can become a competitive player.


We hope this general overview can give you the confidence and curiosity to explore our DAO further. Polemos has several articles on Medium exploring all the nuances of our mission and tech stack. Additional information can be found on the official Discord Channel, such as updates to the Whitepaper, collaborations with new games and partners, and sometimes even partnered giveaways!

Joining Polemos in 2022 means joining our vision and mission to change how people perceive NFTs and their utility within gaming.

Stop scrolling, stop dreaming, and join us as we reach the pinnacle of gaming!