Polemos Team

Polemos is aiming to become a leading Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) focusing on a variety of crucial and visionary services within the GameFi space. None of this would be possible without our elite team.


Sascha Zehe
Sascha Zehe

Co-Founder & Executive


  • 20+ years elite gaming experience
  • Former VP of Product in gaming with responsibility for up to eighty employees of varying specialties
  • Former chairman of a semi-professional sports club with several hundred members
  • Former Illuvium Lead Moderator and two time Council Member
  • Background as a programmer

discord icon Sascha | Polemos #7259

Jeff Marthers
Jeff Marthers



  • 8+ years of professional IT experience
  • Extensive knowledge in regards to data aggregation & backend consolidation
  • Vast experience in working with multiple teams and third party contractors
  • Illuvium Lead Moderator and two time Council Member
  • Background as a business intelligence developer and data architect

discord icon jeff#7482

Richard McLaren
Richard McLaren



  • 30+ years experience in data and technology
  • Ran technology for MoneySupermarket.com, Ninemsn (Microsoft and Nine Entertainment), Macquarie Mortgages
  • Consulting experience at McKinsey and BCG, and as Managing Director of ThoughtWorks
  • Extensive exposure to leading edge machine learning and technology innovation in gaming, finance and consumer industries

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Tom Hall

Co-founder of Polemos

Zac Rosenberg

Co-founder of Polemos

Kevin O'Hara

Co-founder of Polemos

Darren Smorgon

Co-founder of Polemos

Scott Plowman

Co-founder of Polemos

Kieran Warwick

Co-founder of Illuvium

Department Leads

Bria Fox

Head of Marketing

Tim Dudley

Head of Platform Operations & Support

discord icon Tim | Polemos#0049

Arturo Rodriguez

Head of Data & Analytics

discord icon Numbers#4639

Jeremy M.

Game Operations Manager

discord icon Dumb Player2#0001 

John Clark

Head of Games

discord icon HotSauce | Polemos#0725

Timothée Mathon

Art Director

discord icon Timmiaou#4865

Core Contributors

Shea Ballantine

Marketing Manager

discord icon Sheaber2thLion#1928

Kendra Woolley

Communications Manager

discord icon kendraishungry#5332

Giorgio Barillà

Digital Marketer

discord icon gionft#4267

Arash Nouri

Community Manager

discord icon Arash#9325

Jordan Lipp

Asset Manager

discord icon jordyglock40#5076

Daniel H.

Game Writer

discord icon Yakkiba#5507

Emmanuel Luwiz

3D Modeler & Animator

discord icon Emmanuel Luwiz#5812

Ni Siang Lian

3D Modeler

discord icon Ni Siang Lian#4422

Ben Orchard

Game Analyst

discord icon Epharian#7051

Jim L.

Senior Data Engineer

discord icon jamesklovell#2057

Celine Choo

Data Engineer

discord icon choochoo#9616

Dylan Herdan

Junior Data Scientist

discord icon BobDylanSamsung#5241

Grey Co

HR Consultant

discord icon Grey Co#9480


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Moonshot 101

Moderator (Telegram)