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Simplified lending

Polemos makes tech for lending and borrowing digital assets in blockchain games.

For game developers and digital asset infrastructure providers, collaborating with Polemos is a strategic move to enhance service offerings, create new revenue streams, and deepen user engagement. Our platform allows collateral-free lending, asset security, easy integration, and revenue sharing. Partner with us to redefine the digital asset lending landscape and elevate the gaming experience.

Our vision and direction is laid out in the Polemos Whitepaper.


With proprietary technology, we ensure the integrity and safety of lent assets.


The Polemos marketplace integrates seamlessly with existing platforms and can also stand alone.


As exclusive lending partner for top-tier games like Illuvium we are widely trusted in the industry.

How it works

Polemos lending tech works by creating custodial game wallets for every borrower, enabling transfer of gamer-owned assets into and out of that wallet. Leased assets sit in the game wallet, alongside owned assets. When the rental period ends, owned assets are transferred back to gamers and rented assets move back to the lending pool.

Our team

Polemos is led by CEO Richard McLaren (Sydney). Richard is an experienced technology leader, having worked as CTO at ninemsn and Managing Director of ThoughtWorks among other prominent roles.

Other executives include former CFO of global marketing and advertising giant Dentsu International, Carl Wilgenbus as CFO (Singapore); and media veteran and former MediaWorks NZ Chief News Officer, Hal Crawford as Head of Content (Sydney). See all team members.

If we have jobs available, they will be on our VACANCIES page.

The paperwork

Our privacy policy explains what data we collect and how we use it. This includes our cookie policy. There is nothing unusual in our privacy policy: it is required by law in many jurisdictions, and we will need to change it from time to time. Read

Our terms of service lay out the legal basis for our interactions with you. Read







Polemos releases
December 15, 2023

​Polemos Non-Collateralised Lending Solution selected as official ​Illuvium lending technology provider

SINGAPORE, 15 December 2023 - Today, it is announced that Polemos, a leading ​Gaming Infrastructure Platform, has been chosen as the official lending technology provider for Illuvium, the groundbreaking open-world…
Polemos releases
December 6, 2023

Polemos and Crypto Mindset announce strategic partnership to empower gaming and crypto communities

SINGAPORE, December 6 2023 – Polemos, the player-facing game platform specializing in blockchain games, and Crypto Mindset, a leading crypto training community brought to you by Cultivate Crypto and Dollar…
Polemos releasesPharos
November 28, 2023

Polemos announces partnership with Immutable, updates whitepaper

DAO structure, token updates and refined platform direction in line with market  Gaming infrastructure and audience technology provider Polemos today announced it has partnered with Immutable to provide player-facing game…


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