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Polemos is a GameFi platform that is the first decentralized combination of its own asset lending library, educational hub, and gaming community. Polemos’ vision is to improve employment and education worldwide by developing a platform that focuses on Metaverse Adoption, Community Engagement and Esports Dominance.

Our mission is to become one of the world’s leading Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and bring tens of millions of global digital Asset Providers and Gamers together inside a unified GameFi ecosystem. By bridging esports and DeFi communities, we will revolutionize gaming and create unique Win and Earn opportunities unlike anything ever seen before!

Polemos is an ancient Greek term meaning ‘the divine embodiment or personification of war’ and it is that mentality that we want to bring with us into every game we stake our claim in.

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When the Creator appeared and banished the infinite darkness, the universe came to life. Many details of what followed are now lost in time but while it might have changed throughout the centuries that passed, the Story of Origin survived to this day and continues to tell the tale about the birth of everything and everyone…
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Polemos Admins

Sascha Zehe

  • 20+ years elite gaming experience
  • Former VP of Product in gaming with responsibility for up to eighty employees of varying specialties
  • Former chairman of a semi-professional sports club with several hundred members
  • Former Illuvium Lead Moderator and two time Council Member
  • Background as a programmer
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Sascha | Polemos #7259

Richard McLaren

  • 30+ years of data and technology experience
  • Ran technology for, Ninemsn (Microsoft and Nine Entertainment), Macquarie Mortgages
  • Consulting experience at McKinsey and BCG, and as Managing Director of ThoughtWorks
  • Extensive exposure to leading edge machine learning and technology innovation in gaming, finance and consumer industries
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Polemos aims to leverage years of experience amassed by thousands of sophisticated gamers and pass this knowledge down the line.