Why Polemos

We will focus on
three core goals

A global ‘Play-to-Earn’ Guild focused on player education
and competitive play within leading nft games

Metaverse Adoption

Actively engage in multiple Play to Earn games at the highest level

Asset Growth

Use DAO profits to keep scaling the team and the entire operation, resulting in more assets owned

E-Sport Dominance

Optimize player performance by providing world class conditions uniquely adapted to each game

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Following in the footsteps of the DeFi Summer of 2020 we experienced the GameFi Summer of 2021

Polemos is an ancient Greek term meaning ‘the divine embodiment or personification of war’ and it is that mentality that we want to bring with us into every game we stake our claim in.

Polemos is a visionary DAO

Polemos is a visionary DAO

Created to capitalize on the early adopter opportunities in the nft gaming space, we are initially focusing on Illuvium with the goal to expand throughout the entire metaverse.

Play blockchain games competitively

Play blockchain games competitively

Collectively, unlike other guilds, Polemos aims to leverage the years of experience amassed by thousands of sophisticated gamers, and to pass this knowledge down the line.


High level roadmap

This is a high level roadmap for the
twelve months post launch.

Q4 2021

Polemos Project is Born

Strategic capital raise completed, seed round initiated, whitepaper released and development roadmap agreed and commenced.

Q1 2022

Polemos Token Sale

Polemos DAO launched, Balancer sale live, MVP for technology platform released and game strategy completed.

Q1/Q2 2022

Polemos Alpha Release and University Launch

Access to Polemos University provided, guild members onboarded into accounts and commencement to gaming.

Q2 2022

Analytics Platform and Scholarship Systems Integrated

Quantitative data from playing analysed and published, player optimisation strategy launched and scholarship badges activated.

Q3 2022

Polemos Marketing Campaign

Widespread deployments with additional partners and developers across multiple countries.

Decentralization Roadmap

Decentralization Roadmap

While a high degree of decentralization is the overarching goal, individual milestones to reach this state will be carefully planned and not only executed cautiously but also consciously.

Coming Soon
Technology Roadmap

Technology Roadmap

Our visionary goals require us to strive for excellence in all aspects and we plan to build an exceptional technological foundation for Polemos that we can leverage throughout the metaverse.

Coming Soon

Our founding team boasts decades
of gaming experience


Sascha “Stormi” Zehe


    • 20+ years of elite gaming experience
    • Illuvium Lead Moderator and current Council Member
    • Former VP of Product in gaming with responsibility for up to eighty employees of varying specialties
    • Former chairman of a semi-professional sports club with several hundred members
    • Background as a programmer
    • Quit a successful IT-Manager job to go all-in on the Illuvium ecosystem


John “Hotsauce” Clark


  • 20+ Years in Business Management
  • 20+ Elite Gaming and Guild Leader Experience
  • Led successful guilds in Diablo 2 [GHOST], WoW (Necessary Evil, Sans Pareil), Halo2 (SBK), FF XI (Cloud 9), Age Of Champions (Forced Change), Kingdom of Loathing (Pariah), Galaxy Legion (The Unknown),
  • WoW – Biletongue – #1 Healer Bloodhoof Server, Founded successful hardcore guild and top 5 world guild.
  • Age of Champions – F*C Shark – Founder of Forced Change, Undefeated in all guild events.
  • Nine Chronicles – HotSauce – Founder of Valhalla, #1 guild overall in Nine Chronicles with positions in many upcoming play to earn titles.
  • Lead Technical Consultant for Hedgies


Arturo R.

System Architect

        • Developed specific data science projects leveraging off CoFlows and multiple open-source projects within various industries.
        • Automated Systematic Trading – Fully automated algorithmic execution of liquid contracts
        • Quantitative Investment Research – Development of quantitative research technologies
        • Commodity Trade-flow Predictions using GPS Coordinates
        • Healthcare investment / cost analysis – Integrated model that aggregates GP (General Practitioner) data and Hospital data


Our Strategic Investors

Providing Additional & Invaluable Experience


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