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Metaverse Adoption

Onboard as many players as possible into nft gaming

Community Engagement

Provide unique and entertaining ways of building loyalty

Esports Dominance

Optimize player performance by providing world class conditions unique to each game

Following in the footsteps of the DeFi Summer of 2020 we experienced the GameFi Summer of 2021

Polemos is an ancient Greek term meaning ‘the divine embodiment or personification of war’ and it is that mentality that we want to bring with us into every game we stake our claim in.

Polemos is a Visionary DAO

Created to capitalize on the early adopter opportunities in the nft gaming space, we are initially focusing on Illuvium with the goal to expand throughout the entire metaverse.

Play NFT games competitively

Collectively, unlike other guilds, Polemos aims to leverage the years of experience amassed by thousands of sophisticated gamers, and to pass this knowledge down the line.

Uncover the Whole Story

When the Creator appeared and banished the infinite darkness, the universe came to life. Many details of what followed are now lost in time but while it might have changed throughout the centuries that passed, the Story of Origin survived to this day and continues to tell the tale about the birth of everything and everyone…

Rhultak - Polemos Universe


Sascha Zehe
Sascha Zehe

Co-Founder & Overlord

  • 20+ years elite gaming experience
  • Former VP of Product in gaming with responsibility for up to eighty employees of varying specialties
  • Former chairman of a semi-professional sports club with several hundred members
  • Illuvium Council Member & Illuvium Lead Moderator
  • Background as a programmer
John Clark
John Clark

Co-Founder & Zealous Leader

  • 20+ years elite gaming / leader experience
  • WoW – Biletongue – #1 Healer Bloodhoof Server, founded successful top 5 world hardcore guild
  • Age of Champions – F*C Shark – Founder of Forced Change, undefeated in guild events
  • Nine Chronicles – HotSauce – Founder of Valhalla, #1 guild overall in Nine Chronicles
Jeff Marthers
Jeff Marthers

Tech Wizard

  • 8+ years of professional IT experience
  • Extensive knowledge in regards to data aggregation & backend consolidation
  • Vast experience in working with multiple teams and third party contractors
  • Illuvium Council Member & Illuvium Lead Moderator
  • Background as a business intelligence developer and data architect

Our Strategic Investors

Providing Additional & Invaluable Experience

…as well as founders from Sushi, Aave, 1inch Exchange, Universe.XYZ, Altered State Machine, Coti, Tokemak,, Perpetual Protocol and Fei Protocol.

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