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A one-square town

In crypto, Twitter has a good claim on the “town square” status it still doesn’t warrant in general.

Which is why the changes at Twitter over the past year and the launch of Meta’s copycat Threads are significant for anyone interested in the use of blockchain tech in gaming. Read

September 22, 2023

Do the numbers stack up for blockchain gaming?

Gaming is a tough industry, but it’s also a big industry with rich rewards. Global revenue estimates vary wildly, but a reliable source (Newzoo) says gaming will be worth $188b…
A leak of an illuvial from Illuvium.BlockchainBlockchain gaming newsGamingNewsPharos
September 18, 2023

Illuvium PVP delayed to Q4

Illuvium has delayed the launch of its PVP and public open beta.  PVP (private beta 3) is now expected in Q4 of this year, not Q3. The estimate for the…
September 15, 2023

Blocklords founder sticks to the blockchain … it’s in the name

“Having done most of the art forms I'd say game development is the most challenging art by any stretch of the imagination.” A theme is emerging as I continue my…


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Key Characters podcast

The most interesting characters of blockchain gaming speak in this must-listen podcast. Hear guests such as Shrapnel CEO Mark Long and Wildcard’s Katy Drake Bettner and Paul Bettner on how they are making the next generation of games. Read