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Do the blockchain gaming numbers add up?

Gaming is a tough industry, but it’s also a big industry with rich rewards. Global revenue estimates vary wildly, but a reliable source (Newzoo) says gaming will be worth $188b in 2023, around double what movies make worldwide. Read

February 1, 2024

A Warwick brother falls off the Illuvium bandwagon

Big news this week is the resignation of Grant Warwick, one of the co-founders of Illuvium and the project’s art director. While the official Illuvium announcement said Grant was “pursuing…
Blockchain gaming faces a do-or-die moment.Pharos
January 19, 2024

2024 is do or die for blockchain gaming

This year is going to be the decider for blockchain gaming. If, when December rolls around, there is no significant game launched and no serious movement of gamers towards BG,…
Logan Paul - Polemos/Mid JourneyBlockchainBlockchain gaming newsGamingGeneral blockchainGeneral blockchain newsNewsPharos
January 8, 2024

Logan Paul starts CryptoZoo NFT refunds

Infamous YouTuber-turned-WWE fighter Logan Paul has kicked off the NFT buy-back for his failed game CryptoZoo. Those impacted can submit refund claims online until February 8, and Paul said he…


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Key Characters podcast

The most interesting characters of blockchain gaming speak in this must-listen podcast. Hear guests such as Shrapnel CEO Mark Long and Wildcard’s Katy Drake Bettner and Paul Bettner on how they are making the next generation of games. Read