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Amazon NFT marketplace ‘confirmed by error email’

New information apparently confirming Amazon’s plans to launch an NFT marketplace has surfaced in an email sent in error to a journalist.

The journalist, Nikhilesh De from crypto news site Coindesk, received the email on Friday. Coindesk reported that the email was a reply to the automatic renewal of De’s Amazon Prime Video subscription, and was written as if “digital tokens” and a “gallery” in which to store and on-sell these tokens existed at Amazon. 

The reply appeared to be from an official Amazon account, Coindesk said. 

“Good news! Your order has been completed and your digital token is now in your gallery,” the reply read. 

“Keep in mind, you won’t be able to re-sell it until it is unlocked. If your item isn’t unlocked within 72 hours, please contact Customer Support. You’ll also need to register as a reseller before listing an NFT for sale.”

De had not previously bought an NFT from Amazon, Coindesk said.

Crypto news website Blockworks first reported on the e-commerce site’s plans to launch a “digital assets enterprise” in January

The story, which cited four anonymous sources, said Amazon would launch its NFT initiative in April, but the report was never confirmed by Amazon. 
The report said Amazon’s focus would be on blockchain-based gaming and related NFT applications, including “getting Amazon customers to play crypto games and claim free NFTs in the process”.

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