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Axie Infinity: Origins launches in Apple App Store

Axie Infinity: Origins is now available from the Apple App Store in several Latin American and Asian countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The card game was previously only accessible in limited regions via Google Play and the website of its studio Sky Mavis.

The App Store title is a “lite” version of Origins, the project’s latest game, and players will not need to buy an NFT (unique digital asset) to play. 

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In Axie Infinity: Origins players collect cards and battle with their Axies.

In the original Axie game, a crypto hit that took off in 2021 and at its peak had 1.8 million players, players had to own an NFT to play. 

Players of the App Store Origins will initially get free non-NFT “starter” characters, and NFT holders will be able to move their Axies into the app. 

“Starter Axies will remain as non-NFTs,” Axie Infinity COO Aleksander Leonard Larsen told Decrypt.

“But eventually as people buy other Axies in app we will want [to] turn them into NFTs.”

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