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Big Time hits big problems as user base grows

Big Time Studios’ web3 game Big Time has been plagued with problems during its pre-alpha release, including server lag, lack of a reliable party system, and unstable gameplay.

Polemos game expert Mogglin says most of the issues are caused by the game’s expanding user base hitting servers hard.

“The primary grievance raised by many is due to the game’s laggy servers,” Mogglin said.

“This issue emerged following a significant influx of players, raising questions about the game’s ability to scale effectively in the face of its expanding user base. It played extremely smoothly before the pre-season release.”

Players have also expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived “grindiness” of the game during its pre-alpha testing phase, which involves workshops and a live token system intended for testing the acquisition of NFTs and in-game tokens.

While these elements serve as rewards for testing the game, concerns have been raised about the need to maintain a balanced in-game economy before the official release.

Wolves DAO, a prominent organisation in the Web3 community, shared its initial impressions of the game in a post titled The Chopping Block on platform X, mentioning a lack of engaging game content and repetitive gameplay.

The community did acknowledge the game’s strong dungeon elements and surprisingly robust end-game content.

They also commented that, “Big Time provides one of the best gameplay experiences in Web3, but doesn’t stand out against Web2.”

Some players expressed discontent on social media platform X, with user Steve Woody tweeting: “There are far too many silent patches screwing the economy, lack of team communications, terrible server lag issues to make it anything close to enjoyable right now.”

GrawrzGuide also tweeted, “I hope the team can address these issues soon. I want to play Big Time without thinking— it’s a beta, bugs will be fixed eventually.”

Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG game that combines fast-action combat and adventure through time and space,

As of this writing, Big Time Studios has not released any official statement regarding the problems.

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