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Champions Ascension: new fighters, new clues about future game

New Champions Ascension fighters Saadari, Darulk and Fenrir.

Three new Champions Ascension fighters will soon be added to the in-development blockchain brawler. 

Named Saadari, Darulk and Fenrir (L-R in lead image above), these NFT(unique digital assets) fighters are part of the game’s Elemental Eternal collection and are bred from Prime Eternals. 

The new character announcement follows the release of a 15-player, free-for-all brawl last week called the Vault of Carnage, a partnership event with gaming and tournament platform Fractal. 

Champions has also recently released its 3v3 game mode for testing. 

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The new Champions Ascension fighters (L-R): Saadari, Fenrir and Darulk.

Acquiring tickets is the main aim of these 3v3 fights (You can pick the tickets up inside the arena. They’re shown above your head), and the overall goal is to be the last player standing with the most tickets.

A huge haul of tickets also makes you a target, however, as you drop them when you die. 

The visuals of the 3v3 mode have changed since 1v1, and although they are beautifully cinematic for a brawler, they wouldn’t work in the multi-opponent game mode. 

A screenshot of the pre-game, FFA screen.

The big picture of the Champions Ascension world has also become clearer in recent weeks with these announcements and other leaks. It’s not going to remain the small town brawler shown in the content released so far. 

There was an unofficial video showing the expanded game city’s world tweeted by Prince BunZaga.eth @BUnzaga late last week, which was retweeted by the game’s official Twitter account. 

The new area shown in the video looked like a Halloween-themed section of the town and suggests other areas of the town that are currently blocked off are likely to be hiding future expansions. 

The game has also announced a soon-to-launch in-game shop where you can use tickets earned in gameplay to buy NFTs. 

In the description of one of the store’s for sale items, there were clues to the game’s future, which will be rich in lore. 

There was a Friendly Teleportation Device that will allow players to teleport closer to friends. These friends must be on players’ friends’ list, and be online in the open world.

This teleport ability suggests the city will continue to expand as at its current size, there is no need to teleport anywhere. The world is not big enough. 

A map of the Champions Ascension world of Massina.

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