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Delysium releases Lucy, a chatbot crypto wallet interface


Ambitious open-world blockchain shooter Delysium has released a chatbot that can act as a crypto wallet interface.

The bot, Lucy, can be instructed to transfer currency and assets, and appears to have been tweaked to know more about blockchain technology than a general chatbot such at OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

In recorded interactions, Lucy is convincingly talkative and knowledgeable. Access requires users to have bought into Delysium’s ecosystem with a $1000 “Delysium Metaverse Accelerator” (DMA). The DMA is not an NFT (unique digital asset that may be traded independent of the game) but that hasn’t stopped 700 of them being sold ($7m of sales).

Delysium gameplay still

Delysium, being built by the team behind China/US AI-startup Rct AI, places a great deal of emphasis on artificial intelligence, with the game’s NPCs (non-player characters) reportedly all separate AI instances. As with many web3 projects, Delysium is not content to release a single game but is instead building a system where users can set up their own virtual domains and create content within them.

Delysium Multiverse Operators (DMOs) are responsible for managing and operating these areas within the Delysium ecosystem. They are given customisation tools and resources, and in return must pay 50% of any revenue to Delysium.

Correction: In an earlier version of this article, we reported that Lucy was an instance of ChatGPT. Delysium have told us this is inaccurate.

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