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DIY weapon skins in The Bornless

An example of a customizable weapon in The Bornless.

The makers of The Bornless are on a mission to summon the most unholy, dark and fun FPS horror game in the industry. And they’re leaning heavily on AI to do it. 

Cathedral Studios’ AI plans also got a boost Thursday when it was announced they had secured a spot on Nvidia’s Inception for Start-ups program. 

“Very excited to collaborate with the team at Nvidia on solving some of these cool new problems of [generative AI content] in gaming!” Cathedral co-founder Toby Saunders Tweeted on Thursday. 

In recent leaks, The Bornless team shared how they are using AI to enhance their game. 

The studio, for example, has developed a creative way to make Bornless spiders traverse over land with procedurally-generated movement, giving players a true sense of what being chased by giant spiders would be like. 

In the video below, there is footage of the spider in its early stages of development: 

Cathedral are also using AI to provide new ways for players to get involved in creating weapon skins. They will have the ability to use AI to help design and paint the perfect load-out of different weapons.

These weapons can be crafted by factions (guilds or GameFi organisations) and, possibly, also individual players. The exact process is still under wraps, but players will need materials. I expect the way players collect these materials to be at least a small part of the play-and-earn mechanics of Bornless. 

Players will also have the ability to mint full collections so their clan can be swagged out as they run for their lives in the dark. 

Examples of The Bornless’ customized weapons.

Each weapon will be slightly different, however, as the AI can change the placement of the paint on each component of the weapon, creating a truly unique and interesting set of in-game assets. 

Players will also have the ability to add their own logo to weapons, a personal touch to connect their team.  

Web3 projects like Bornless are changing gaming and are not just derivatives of popular web2 games, and Cathedral, it seems, is just getting started: expect more Bornless AI tie-ups to be announced in the next few weeks. 

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Cavan "Caveman" Roe

Caveman is one of Polemos' core content producers and a game expert with more than two decades of experience. He has been an esports professional and hosts Polemos Bridge on YouTube.