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Fortnite pro Mongraal wins Dookey Dash competition

Golden Key

Professional Fortnite player Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson has won Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash competition, claiming a Golden Key NFT that he immediately offered for sale for more than $3m.

Jackson’s win is also a significant victory for Yuga Labs, the games studio behind Dookey Dash and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), with more than 25,000 pass holders playing the game. 

“Our pack of weirdos has gotten bigger and weirder. During Dookey Dash, our BAYC ecosystem grew by 40%,” Yuga wrote in a release announcing the end of the competition.

Having a mainstream and high-profile gamer like Jackson competing has been viewed as a big marketing win for blockchain gaming, and gave rise to suggestions Yuga may have paid him to play. Jackson has stated that he was playing with his own Sewer Pass, the game key given to those who owned a BAYC NFT.

Jackson, who is 18 years old, began playing Fortnite professionally at 13, has 2.1 million followers on Twitter and more than 5.4 million on Twitch.

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