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Grab a piece of free land to play Illuvium Zero

Polemos has 700 plots of Illuvium Zero land available for those who sign up to a free scholarship focussed on the city-building, resource-gathering game.

The plots will be made temporarily available for use during Zero’s forthcoming Season 1, which will run for an undefined period and will see land holders playing the game in earnest.

The game hooks into the wider Illuvium universe through shared tokens and the ability to find and mint blueprint NFTs. Illuvium has stated that any resources and other tokens earned during Season 1 will be wiped when it ends, but minted blueprints will persist.

To play the game during Season 1 Alpha you must hold a piece of land. Prospective players can apply for the scholarship at the Polemos Forge. If the application is successful, scholars will be free to use the land through the season. Players will have the opportunity to retain some of the blueprints generated at the conclusion of the season.

Note that for an application to be successful, you must subscribe to the Polemos newsletter (amongst other criteria).

According to Polemos co-CEO Richard McLaren, it’s an opportunity to skill up before the launch of the beta.

“Polemos has been a supporter of Illuvium and the Illuvium community from its earliest days. We are offering the land to allow as many people as possible the chance to experience Illuvium Zero gameplay at the alpha stage as part of our mission to introduce gamers to gaming on the blockchain,” McLaren said.

“Participants will get to play with Polemos’ Illuvium land during Season 1 and can build skills and strategies which will stand them in good stead once the game launches for real.”

Polemos will assess scholars during the alpha, with the highest performing invited to participate in a further program on the full release of the game. Some of these scholars will have access to the rare and productive Tier 4 land Polemos currently holds.

Polemos purchased the Illuvium Zero plots (which vary from Tiers 1-4) during an initial land sale in June 2022, when close to 20,000 plots were sold for a total of $72m. Season 1 was due to launch last week, but has been delayed in order to build marketplace functionality into the alpha, according to Illuvium co-founder Kieran Warwick.

Apply for the Illuvium Zero scholarship here.

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