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Here comes Rebel Bots’ open beta

Rebel Bots Xoil Wars.

Registration to take part in the next round of gameplay tests for collectible card battler Rebel Bots’ Xoil Wars has opened up. 

Interested players must register here by April 6 to get the chance to play in one of two, three-week seasons in the game’s open beta.

The first season starts on April 10 and rewards are up for grabs in both seasons. 

In Xoil Wars, players create teams of customisable robots, known as Fighting Bots, which battle each other for Xoil, the resource of the planet Xoilium. 

It’s a blockchain game on Polygon and the first title from the Rebel Bots project, which kicked off in August 2021 with a sale of Rebel Bot NFTs (unique digital assets). 

Players won’t need to own a Rebel Bot NFT to play the game when it launches, said to be happening two months after the open beta, but they will need to hold at least one land NFT for planet Xoilium and three Fighting Bot NFTs.

If you happen to own a Rebel Bot, the floor price is currently about US$1700 or 0.1048ETH, you can rule an entire kingdom – “filled with lands” – on Xoilium. 

To earn in the game post-launch, players can mint and sell Fighting Bot NFTs on the recently-launched Rebel Bots marketplace, and by winning multiplayer battles and earning a decent rank on the leaderboards. 

The new features included in the open beta build include improved battle animation and gameplay speed, and the addition of leaderboards and leagues.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the full launch of Xoil Wars would be in Q4 of 2024. The company estimates the game will launch two months after open beta.

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