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How to play Yuga Labs’ new game

The new title from Bored Ape creator Yuga Labs is a competitive crafting game that is a cross between Tamagotchi, Homescapes and “some kind of popularity contest”, according to the project’s chief gaming officer Spencer Tucker. 

To access the full version of HV-MTL Forge, which launched Thursday, you need to own an HV-MTL NFT. Non-holders will only have access to part of the game.

The HV NFTs were prizes in another Yuga title earlier this year, an endless runner-type game called Dookey Dash, which, in turn, required an Otherdeed NFT to play.

The object is to design and build a forge (workshop) and take care of your HV character, making sure it is happy and healthy, Tamagotchi-style. 

Players’ HVs can get grumpy and sleepy, which affects their energy production. If you can keep your HV feeling content by cleaning its space, giving it some love and letting it travel between dimensions via portals you could be rewarded with energy and an increase in your building speed, among other abilities. 

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Keep your HV character happy and you will be rewarded.

Energy is required to build a forge, and adorn it with tiles and decorative objects. Players can build different tiles and objects using the blueprints they discover in-game. 

Players can also spend ApeCoin to speed up their forge builds and Twitter likes will entitle players to bonus points to buy premium in-game items, Decrypt reported.  

Amp-up your rewards

To climb the leaderboard, you have to create a workshop that pleases the Forge community; votes from the community earns you reward points, called amps. 

Amps are on-chain upgrades that permanently change an HV’s metadata and rarity. 

Amps can be used to customize and evolve an HV character to an Evo2. You need at least 3 amps to unlock the next evolution.

“You can create a space like a house for your forge,” Tucker told GamesBeat this week. “You can customize it, make it unique, make it your own, and level up,” 

“The higher the level, the more energy you can generate, and that’s key for expanding what you can craft,” he said. 

“Think of it like Tamagotchi meets Homescapes meets some kind of popularity contest.”

“You can compete in social experience. You are provided with these RNG-based forges people have built. You can cycle through them. Then you cast a vote on it.” he said. 

Dungeon-crawler mode

The game will last for six seasons, and each season is three weeks’ long.

After the end of season three, the dungeon-crawling mode known as The Rift comes into play. 

The Rift is accessible via a portal, but not everyone can go through. Entry to the portal and how far into this new territory you can venture depends on how much energy you have generated so far.

Once inside the Rift, players collect resources, craft gear and face survival challenges. You’ll also need to fight beasts, bosses and other HVs for treasure. 

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