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Illuvium Overworld’s lush new region

A screenshot from the Brightland Steppes preview video.

The first in-game footage of a lush region of Illuvium Overworld is out. 

The region, Brightland Steppes, is not playable, but has until Friday only been seen in leaks of concept art from the open world collection game. 

The area has large, organ-pipe rock formations rising up out of vast grassy plains.

Giant, candy-floss pink roots wind through the plains and rocky outcrops, and an imposing obelisk in the shape of the Illuvium logo stands in the middle of a small lake in the flattest part of the region known as Brightland Valley. 

There are waterfalls and there’s a distinct Zen-garden-meets-Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory vibe.

The YouTube caption of the video explains that the footage is not from a cinematic trailer, but footage captured in-game “to show the current state of this region’s development”.

“Brightland Steppes is very much a happy place. You shouldn’t feel like you’re in danger,” Illuvium’s lead concept artist Rogier van de Beek said of the area back in May. 

Van de Beek said the area was elevated – “held up by these gigantic, purple-ish roots” – but there’s not yet any information about what lies beneath the Steppes. 

In Overworld, one of three games in the Illuvium ecosystem, players have crash-landed on an unknown planet and must collect resources and hunt creatures known as illuvials. There are dangerous hazards to avoid as they move about the world and attempt to climb the leaderboard. 

Overworld has seven regions, but only the eerie, dystopian Crimson Waste is playable and access is limited. (You can register for access here.)

Overworld is linked to both the auto-battler Illuvium Arena and Iluvium’s land game Zero. 

In Zero, players build plants on their land to generate resources, NFTs players can either sell on IlluviDex or use in Overworld. 

Once players have collected or caught a team of illuvials, they can fight in Arena in PvP or PvE mode.

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