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Immutable and Polygon in deal to dominate blockchain gaming tech

Web3 competitors Immutable and Polygon are joining forces to create a new network for building blockchain games.

The partnership will produce a new Ethereum scaling network that pairs the soon-to-launch Polygon tech zkEVM with the Immutable platform.

The network, Immutable zkEVM, is expected to roll out at the end of June.

The collaboration between the until-now competing organizations was announced Monday at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

Game experts contacted by Polemos consider the “strategic alliance” significant because Immutable and Polygon are already extensively used by developers. Their collaboration, with Immutable taking on “front-end” responsibilities, allies two popular platform utilities.

zkEVM, or “zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine”, executes smart contract transactions in a way that is compatible with zero-knowledge-proof computations and existing Ethereum infrastructure. 

Polygon Labs president Ryan Wyatt told GamesBeat the new alliance with Immutable “lets us scale pretty significantly”.

“And it also increases our security. It will allow us to hold more information, and scale that out while being more secure. 

“So for us, it gets us ready for really mainstream adoption. How do you process hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions that are happening on chain?”

Immutable president and co-founder Robbie Ferguson said the Polygon tie-up would create a “one-stop vertically integrated solution for game developers and players”.

“And it means that our efforts now can be focused on how do we onboard the next billion players on to web3, rather than how do we optimize the current small ecosystem of web3 players today,” he told GamesBeat.

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