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Key Characters of blockchain gaming speak in new podcast

Key Characters

Today Polemos is launching the Key Characters podcast: we invite you to join Head of Content Hal Crawford as he interviews the most interesting people in blockchain gaming.

The podcast will be published in seasons of 10 interviews each. In the first episode, released today, we hear from Hivemind’s Sam Peurifoy, explaining how to make blockchain games work for normal people.

In coming weeks we’ll feature Shrapnel founder and Neon CEO Mark Long, and Apeiron’s Frank Cheng, among other luminaries.

See below for information on how to subscribe in your favourite podcast application.

Each published podcast is also available to listen to from the list above.

Key Characters
Key Characters
Hal Crawford

Hal Crawford interviews the key characters in blockchain gaming, from founders and CEOs to coders and designers. Billions are being invested in games that incorporate crypto technology, and its widely believed the breakthrough game is coming soon. But which game, and when?

Polemos staff

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