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Land ahoy: New leak from Civitas

A screenshot from new Civitas land leak.

In-development city-builder strategy game Civitas has shared a new animation of the land its players will eventually build on. 

In a short, #WIP leak video posted to Twitter on Sunday, mountainous pieces of land dotted with large trees, a river and clearings ready for cities were seen – all in the primitive, hand-drawn style of the project’s other leaked artwork.

In Civitas, players are citizens or nomads who cooperate with other players to build cities and develop civilizations. 

The 4x MMORPG has been likened to games like Civilization and EVE Online, but via the blockchain elements included in Civitas, players can own the land they build on and can earn the in-game currency, CITI tokens, when they build on their plots. 

Players who own land and tokens also earn the right to vote on how their city is run via its subDAO, a group system of government where decisions about how a city will evolve, including its banking systems and social structure, as well treasury issues, and decisions on trading and reward systems, are made collectively.

Concept art for a Civitas house.

There will be multiple cities within the Civitas world and each one will have its own subDAO. Cities can compete with each other, or cooperate and form alliances. 

Players who don’t want to pay to play, can join Civitas as nomads. Nomads are not citizens of a city and don’t own land, but they can collect resources as citizens do and can win, find or craft NFTs, both of which can be sold on to another city or player. 

Civitas is Directive Games’ first blockchain-enabled project and the company has said it expects to release the first Civitas gameplay video before the end of March. 

The company is also aiming to give its community access to a pre-alpha version of the game “later this year”, according to a recent post in its Discord server.

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