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TCG Cross the Ages opens NFT sale

Sea Dragon, Scout of the Seas by @anthonyjeanart

Mobile-first blockchain trading card game (TCG) Cross the Ages has launched its first NFT collection on the Immutable marketplace.

The sale has generated $872,000 since it opened on February 10 and the collection is currently the third most traded.

Cross The Ages is based on seven fantasy and science fiction novels set in a dystopian world. 

The game has a 4×4 tile board and two main types of cards, battle and field cards, with eight different rarities available to collect. (The sea dragon from artist Anthony Jean in the image above is one of the collectible cards. You can follow Jean on Instagram @anthonyjeanart).

It’s free to play, but when it launches owning assets will allow you to move faster through the game. It’s currently in early access mode.

If you would like to get your hands on a free pack of the NFTs, you have until February 17 at 5pm (UTC)  to sign up to a special giveaway.

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