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New gameplay footage from Civitas

The studio behind blockchain city-builder Civitas has posted a short video showing the first footage of gameplay from the “ancient era” of the in-development game.

The excerpt is taken from an “internal playtest competition underway between two made-up [Civitas] cities” and shows a little crafting and the manufacture of buildings, as well as resource harvesting and mining, the project said in a Medium post.

The building and mining functions are obviously crucial to a player’s progress in Civitas, an MMO that describes itself as the blockchain version of popular world-builders EVE Online and Civilization. 

Players are citizens who own land, and what they craft and build on that land will influence their progress and ability to produce valuable resources. 

The lands owned by various citizens are the basis of the Civitas cities, and the citizens must work together to progress their cities – build more advanced buildings, accumulate power and move through the game’s various eras. 

The game, from studio Directive Games, is being built for PC, mobile and web. 

There is a free-to-play route for players who want to steer clear of trading in NFTs – unique digital assets such as land and characters in the case of Civitas – but some of what is shown in this new gameplay video released at the weekend is a sneak peak of the game’s closed pre-alpha build, a part of the game that will only be playable for holders of the Chosen NFT when it lands in Q3 of this year, according to the game’s roadmap. 

To access the closed pre-alpha, players can buy a Chosen NFT at OpenSea.

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