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New Parallel TCG content out this week

Parallel TCG is to release a content update this week.

Parallel TCG fans can expect a significant content update in the upcoming Planetfall expansion on October 29. 

The expansion will introduce new cards, faction abilities, keys and Paragon skins, expanding the game’s strategic depth and customization options.

In Parallel TCG players choose a faction and build a deck to battle others.

The expansion includes over 120 new cards, various cosmetics, three new keys, and playable Legendary PRIME rarity cards. 

Planetfall has three pack tiers: Player Pack, Collector Pack, and Collector Crate, offering different quantities and pricing in ETH.

The Planetfall expansion will also feature Ultimate Packs, only available by winning the Planetfall raffle ticket giveaway. Raffle tickets are only available from Collector’s Packs (1x) and Collector’s Crates (11x). All packs in the Planetfall expansion will be tradable.

Parallel Studios is based in Toronto and includes developers who have worked on titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends.

The Planetfall pre-sale starts on October 25, with eligibility based on specific NFT ownership and in-game accomplishments. 

The public sale opens on October 28.

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