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Omega Royale: Sneak peek at new tower defense PvP

Omega Royale

I have been a huge tower defense fan for many years. I really fell in love with the genre back when Kingdom Rush by Ironhide Game Studio really blew up, and I can say that in-development blockchain game Omega Royale represents a true evolution of this genre. 

It’s new and innovative, and combines the offensive gameplay of battle royale with the defensive gameplay of tower defense. It’s being developed by Tower Pop, a Finnish company founded in 2020 by Fredrik and Niklas Wahrman, who have years of experience in creating these sorts of games.

The game is currently in alpha stage and players can play in survival mode on a web browser right now. It is expected to launch on mobile platforms (Android and iOS) some time this year, followed by a desktop version in 2024. 

I was lucky to get exclusive access alongside a few other ambassadors to check out the PvP battle royale mode and I can say this game is already feeling like a top-tier mobile game. 

WATCH a little of Caveman’s PvP battle in the video below:

The object of the game is to survive battles against never-ending waves of increasingly troublesome monsters. Your nine opponents will also try to handicap you by sending in additional troops or freezing your towers, which turns the whole thing into an intense bloodbath. 

Players have to balance using mana on their opponents or clearing the wave. You have 10 lives but, trust me, these will run out quickly. The matches are usually decided in less than five minutes. 

Omega’s game designers have added an innovative way to upgrade the towers by combining towers of similar levels. It feels similar to the 2480 tile game. Players have to plan ahead and think quickly to position and level towers correctly. 

Caveman levels towers and fights the monster waves.

Towers of the same level and type (for example, the wood platform and crossbow) can be combined to make a level 2 tower. A random tower of your pool or cards will replace the tower that is moved. 

Tower pop brings a healthy mix of traditional towers and spells, but also mixes new spells that put Omega Royale in a unique position. The addition of offensive spells, called hexes, really opens up additional paths for using your mana and resources. 

Tower spells and cards

There are so many options and ways to play that everyone can find a play-style they enjoy. There are also many counterspells to balance the game and turn the tide of the battle.

Omega Royale is a web3 game that utilizes blockchain technology to offer its players a true free-to-play experience where everyone has a chance to add value to their card collections. 

The game has a collectible card game (CCG) mechanic where players can collect towers and spells to attack or defend their towers. 

The cards are minted as NFTs (unique digital assets) on the blockchain and can be traded on a marketplace. The game will also introduce its own native token, Omega Royale Token (ORT), which will not be pre-sold to investors and will be a pure game utility token.

Adding PvP really puts life back into tower defense. The addition of emojis and a ranked ladder system up the engagement considerably, as does the pace of this game. It’s fast moving and requires your full attention to succeed. 

I’m excited to see what happens when the general public get their chance to play Omega Royale.

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Cavan "Caveman" Roe

Caveman is one of Polemos' core content producers and a game expert with more than two decades of experience. He has been an esports professional and hosts Polemos Bridge on YouTube.