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Polemos boss doubles down with massive Polemos tattoo

Sascha Zehe tattoo

Polemos co-CEO Sascha Zehe has revealed a substantial tattoo of the organization’s logo on his right forearm.

The tattoo features the Polemos’ insignia engulfed in flames.

“I like to immortalize or memorialize very important parts of my life by getting tattoos. I got the Polemos tattoo at the end of last year, roughly 12 months after I joined the project,” said Zehe. 

“I’ve experienced so many ups and downs in that time.”

Zehe clarified that most of the “downs” related to the crypto bear market and external events.

The Polemos logo incorporates an Ancient Greek “all-seeing eye” with a stylised “P” and was commissioned by Polemos’ founders on the 99designs platform (designer Matteostd). The tattoo was inked by Brainlesskids Tattoo in Bremen, Germany.

“To give context, I have a lot of tattoos. So I have Yoda from Star Wars, Donald Duck, Super Mario. I have Thunderfury, which is a sword you can get in World of Warcraft, a legendary sword, which I grinded for a long time and never was lucky enough to get.”

Zehe, who is Polemos co-CEO with Richard McLaren, has a web2 gaming background and became involved with the Illuvium gaming community after a lightning conversion to blockchain gaming in 2021.

In a conversation that will form part of the Key Characters podcast to be released by Polemos in coming weeks, Zehe says he doesn’t fear he will regret the tattoo, regardless of the fortunes of the organization.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I think we’re in a very good position with blockchain gaming and with Polemos itself, but obviously I don’t have a crystal ball.”

“This is a point in gaming industry’s history where there’s gonna be a huge shift. To be lucky enough to have found it this early and be a part of it is something that I cherish very much. The Polemos logo symbolizes as much my commitment and affiliation with Polemos itself as with the time that I already spend in this space.”

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Hal Crawford

Hal Crawford is an experienced journalist and newsroom manager, and the head of content at Polemos.