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Single CryptoPunk NFT nets Kevin Rose $1.4m

CryptoPunk #5066

Prominent NFT collector Kevin Rose has recouped some of the cash he lost to a phishing scam after selling a CryptoPunk NFT for well over a million dollars.

Rose sold CryptoPunk #5066 (above) for $1.4m, transferring the NFT to the wallet of an unknown owner. With a few hours, another notable collector, Jimmy McNelis, sold a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for $1.3m.

The sales are indicators of a rebounding NFT market according to observers, although both number of sales and total volume remain nowhere near levels seen this time last year (February 2022).

Last month Rose was tricked through a “social engineering” scam into signing a “malicious signature” and lost 40 NFTs, including an Autoglyph worth close to $500,000. He subsequently pleaded with the market to avoid buying the NFTs.

Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose

Rose, who has a Twitter following of 1.6m, also followed up with the details of his new security setup, which includes four types of wallets (the following taken directly from his Twitter feed):

  • Hot (daily interactions, low value)
  • Warm (local ledger, sub 10E NFTs that may be traded)
  • Sale (individual wallets created for high-value NFT sales/transactions)
  • Cold (high-value NFTs held for the long term)

Rose is the founder and CEO of blockchain services company Proof, creators of the Moonbirds NFT collection.

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