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Slow start for Champions Arena’s high-priced NFT sale

Champions Arena legendary champion Veronika from the Nexus NFT bundle, and the Estate NFT.

Gala Games’ first NFT sale for its RPG game Champions Arena got off to a sluggish start on Monday night (PT) after the opening price of its Nexus NFT bundle was set high at $1950.

The sale opened at 6pm (PT) and within the first hour, the price was discounted by 30% and 57 of the 300 available bundles had sold. Seven hours later, only 90 had sold. 

Sales of the in-development game’s Estate NFTs were also slow. These were priced at $2000 and eight hours into the sale, just 21 of the 300 had sold. Only those who bought an Nexus NFT were eligible to buy an Estate.

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Champions Arena is a turn-based, team combat RPG. Players run teams of up to four champions, which they can summon to take part in missions or deploy in real-time battles. 

Players who own a Nexus can attach their NFT Champions to it, according to a recent Gala Games blog post. These champions can be lent to other players and the champions’ owners will be entitled to a share of any victory points should that champion win a battle. The Nexus bundles also come with a limited edition, legendary champion named Veronika. 

Owners of an Estate NFT “enjoy access to important tools, such as The Altar of Summoning and access to a shared pool of rewards based on their team’s success,” the Gala post read. 

“Players usually must pay a fee to access the Estate’s functions, adding additional gems to the treasury of the Estate owner.”

Champions Arena’s second playtest opened last week and will close on May 17. 

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