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Star Atlas Showroom 2.1: Massive ships and pretty skins

Polemos game expert Mogglin has taken space MMORPG Star Atlas’ latest demo for a spin.

Showroom 2.1 allows users to fly spaceships well out of normal gamers’ price range – in Star Atlas all the ships are NFTs – and also shows off new skins and ground racing features.

In the video below Mogglin flicks through the ship brochure before settling on Fimbul ECOS Greenader, a large bomber. The ship, clearly bigger than anything Mogglin has seen before, suddenly appears on the runway after being selected in a console.

According to the Star Atlas marketplace, the Greenader takes a crew of 6. The cheapest version of the NFT is $1100, according the marketplace. Note the price in the video that Mogglin found is higher, as the footage was recorded earlier in the week.

Mogglin also has an explore through some new skins and characters in experimental mode, and tries out the enhanced ground racing, where he manages to blow himself up several times.

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