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Strong debut from shooter Unioverse

In-development blockchain shooter Unioverse has released its alpha.

In-development blockchain shooter Unioverse is off to a pretty awesome start with its newly-released alpha, Proving Grounds.

The game looks and feels great. The movement and controls translate naturally to the game and feel smooth. Your character does what you intend it to. 

The graphics are high quality, and although in this demo it can be hard to see, as most of the map is pretty dark, it does demonstrate how good the alpha’s lighting design is. 

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WATCH Mogglin tackle the combat time trial in the video above.

Proving Grounds is a movement and basic combat time trial and the time to beat as of Thursday (UTC) was 4 minutes 37 seconds (with bonuses that dropped to 1 minute 46 seconds).

This testing demo also shows what can be built with the Unioverse tools. This game is a franchise and so the tools are available for developers to use, royalty-free. 

Access to Proving Grounds was, at first, locked behind an NFT gate – no NFT, no entry – but the studio Random Games later gave anyone who signed up as “interested” on the Unioverse website a free NFT “clone”, allowing the community to play for free.


Mogglin is one of Polemos' game experts and a member of the core Content team.