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The Fabled’s new section adds to creepy challenge

The Fabled is a game that will put your reactions and skills to the test as you traverse a dark, desolate environment filled with creatures lurking around every corner. This Dark Souls-Like RPG, developed by Octavian Studios, recently released the second section in its private alpha. 

Players can get access by being active in The Fabled’s Discord and attending community events.

The game integrates with the little known Ethereum-based layer 2 Xenum blockchain, a multi-chain network that will connect with Polygon, Avalanche and Binance. 

Many of the in-game items will be NFTs (unique digital assets) that can be traded and sold among players. If you missed our past gameplay article you can read more about the first zone here.

As a Polemos game expert, The Fabled provided me early alpha access so I could see what they were building. My first look as I explored the eerie landscape is shown in the image at the top of this article.

How to get there

To access the new section, players must defeat Garlen, the boss of the first section, to obtain a key. Alternatively, the key is rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the section one map. 

Once the key is obtained, players can explore new spooky locations in search for the new zone boss. 

Make sure to collect Ash (the in-game currency) to buy new equipment and characters. 

Players can also loot checks and drops throughout the map. However, this section is filled with new fearsome beasts, including pesky skeleton archers who can disrupt combos and prevent evasion.

To succeed in taking down mobs with archer support, players will need to divide and conquer or eliminate the archers first.

Caveman closes with an archer

The second section boasts a lot more verticality, with numerous unique structures and monuments that add to the ominous environment. 

The game is atmospheric and engaging. However, during my time playing, I did encounter a few bugs. One bug resulted in enemies not spawning after dying, which allowed me to run around the map freely, without any challenge. 

The other noticeable issue was getting caught on rocks. This occasionally happened when trying to flee from enemies, which is unfortunate.

Despite the bugs, I enjoyed it and even discovered a cool Easter egg that could only be found by climbing (I won’t say any more, see image).

Finding a treat

A solid addition

The combat mechanics are solid and finding secret locations adds a rewarding surge of dopamine every time.

The second section added several hours of enjoyable replayability, although I will say the new boss, Rose Golem, was a little easier to defeat than the old boss. 

Overall, Fabled Section Two is a solid addition to the game. Its unique environment, improved verticality and combat mechanics make it a great continuation to the story. The game is still in private alpha, so we can expect further improvement and polishing before the full release. Stay tuned for my full gameplay video with a blow-by-blow takedown of the Rose Golem boss.

Taking on the boss

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Cavan "Caveman" Roe

Caveman is one of Polemos' core content producers and a game expert with more than two decades of experience. He has been an esports professional and hosts Polemos Bridge on YouTube.