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The Fancy-verse expands with Fancy Hop release

Fancy Hop, a Fancy Birds game

The creators of mobile play-to-earn blockchain game Fancy Birds have a new title out.

Fancy Hop, which was released December 19 at 8pm (UTC), has a simple premise: players try to move their birds upwards by jumping between platforms, as various aliens and monsters try to knock them off. 

Hop has a progression-equals-points set-up that will be familiar to Fancy Birds fans, but this time the only way is up: bounce on the green platforms to rise higher and increase your score; yellow platforms scroll up and down.

There are also fans that boost you and your score, meteorites that take you out, and tricky purple platforms that you can only step on once they disappear.

As in Fancy Birds, there are daily and weekly missions, and players will need to spend a little time in all three Fancy Studios games – Fancy Birds, Fancy Hop and Fancy Birds: Skywars, which was released on October 21 – to earn Fancy tokens for the daily quests.

“Effective December 19, 2022, players will need to complete one daily quest on each of the three Fancy Studios games to maximize their FNC earnings,” according to Fancybirds’ Medium post.


Mogglin is one of Polemos' game experts and a member of the core Content team.